Can we get a Black Woman Hero?

Yeah. They did. I posted to them on social media and they asked me to post the “Feedback” on the forums. So, here I am. Seemed like a pretty cut-and-paste response.

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If I could post screenshots I would. It’s on twitter if you like to look for it.

Pharah… are you even trying?

I’m having Deja Vu… didn’t this thread happen on the old forums almost post for post? It feels so familiar.

Anyway I agree. I just want the hero to have the same level of quality as the other heroes and feel equally as polished. I don’t want a rush job because Blizzard was meeting some kind of check list of Race/Ethnicities/Genders to represent.

I want well designed characters with great back stories and in game mechanics.


Not Black.

So I’m trying harder than you.

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Why is it so hard to believe? Blizzard literally talks to their players all day, every day. Especially on Twitter.

I’m sure if you just search for @PlayOverwatch or @BlizzardCS and Black Woman you’ll find the thread.

OP, why are you allowing this little kid to derail your thread? Forget about their post and move on with the discussion. I think if you’re a Black man or woman living in America playing this game, you can appreciate the reason for this thread a lot more than most. Especially those who can’t identify with how Black women are largely looked at in value. Those words won’t mean much to someone who hasn’t done their research and looked from an empathetic point of view.

Black women (not counting created characters) in games are largely absent from any significant playable role in gaming. There are a few roles LFD2 (Rochelle) is the last one I can remember off the top of my head. But even the back stories aren’t really meant to be fleshed out in that property either.

lastly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this thread. It’s certainly not trolling and while I don’t personally feel there needs to be a sense of urgency in bringing about that type of hero right now, I can totally understand why someone else would see things from a different perspective. I think it would be awesome as well.


Can i have a Argentinian hero, white male, you know but not white american even if Argentina is in Americas but you know what i mean, since you asking for a black hero knowing that there is like 4 - 5 (two of they women ), anyway can i have a white Argentinian male hero? :slight_smile: plz

Starting your own thread is free.

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You are absolutely right.

But I wanted to prove a point to Blizzard that what I said would happen has happened.

Thank you, though.

I think I’m done.

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To everyone who interacted with myself and others with respect, empathy, or even just an open ear, thank you.

To everyone else, I hope you find something to do with your time other than ragging on the request for Black Women representation.

Have a good night.


Not this Again look I am sure they have some character for you eventually but literally no one wants a character to just be a character for people to identify with.

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Then what is she?

She isnt white,
Brown ish?

Sombra is Mexican. For all intents and purposes, she’d be brown.

Pharah and Ana are literally african women

African is a nationality, Black is a race.

Because every time this topic has come up in the forums, every single time, it gets locked nearly immediately and people get banned.

It’s really sad how education has failed some of you. Race ≠ Nationality?

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Stop acting like bridge trolls and people wouldn’t act higher than you.

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