Can we get a Black Woman Hero?

I made a thread about this topic months ago, on the old forums obviously, and got flamed so hard, that the mods deleted I think. It’s amazing how cruel people can be about an issue when it doesn’t effect them.


I’m only here because Blizzard asked me to post this here.

I know enough about gaming forums to not subject myself to this nonsense on a regular basis.

Reflections comic she’s with her dad. The outside is snowing. I don’t think it snows in Egypt.

The angle is Blizzard shouldn’t add a character type solely for the sake of representation. They should add the character because it makes sense to the story and gameplay.

There’s still lots of things not “represented”, but with a roster of 27 heroes, you can only cover so much.

Alright, so Lucio is Portuguese.
Reaper is still Mexican.
Orisa is still artifical.
And Doomfist is Nigerian.

If you’re going to be ridiculously specific, then none of the heroes we have are black. And we should have black heroes.

How about we stop patronizing OP, hm? Don’t tell people what they care about doesn’t really matter, because if it matters to them… it… just… does. OP was never entitled, they were asking the bare minimum, to be honest?

They said Overwatch was one of the most diverse games in the market at the moment, and only said there was room for improvement. Nothing they said reeked of entitlement, which cannot be said for some comments they received.


Sombra is Mexican. Reaper is listed as American but most definitely has some Latino in him, but so far it’s not been revealed where from specifically

Well we don’t have any confirmation on his ethnicity (did i use the word right?) but he is definitely not Caucasian. If he isn’t Latino then those mariachi skins really came out of nowhere due to not being part of an event.
@Blender Mixed race or families moving.
He looks Latino to me and his last name definitely seems to be Spanish (Mexican?).

Lucio, Reaper, and Doomfist are all Black.

Flaming and people being cruel should never happen.

However, people should also not be requesting a specific race, sexuality, or gender of a new character. They should let the creators make what they feel fits it. People coming on here saying they want a black woman because they are. Or a gay guy because he is. Or a Canadian hero because they are.

That’s pandering. Or, most people in the real world would look at it as dry begging.

Asking for another black hero is not some ridiculous request. Y’all need to calm down.


Lucio is Brazillian
Reaper is American
Orisa is… I dunno, from some fictional nation?

And not all brown people are black. Lucio is from Rio de Janeiro, a primarily Portuguese region. But we’re not even here to talk about Lucio, or any other hero’s ethnic group.

OP just said give us a black woman hero, and everybody is throwing a fit for no reason.

I tried offering ice cream. Didn’t work too well.

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Sugar before bed is never a good idea!

Pretty much every black person in America. Referred to as “African American”, not from Africa, never lived in Africa, has nothing in common with Africa other than a heavily diluted DNA profile. In fact, black people in America don’t even know which country in Africa they originate from, our culture was erased when we where shipped across the Atlantic. Yet we’re supposed to accept Doomfist, and a culture that’s as foreign to us as an Asian culture would be for example. All we want is a character in the game, that we can actually relate to and that looks like us.

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I make my own decisions!

Lucio is definitely black. If you can’t tell, then you might as well say you can’t assume Doomfist is black (not all people who are citizens of an African nation are black you know).

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I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal, but maybe sooner or later you will get your wish granted.


Why does their race or gender matter? it’s just a video game after all. Who cares if there’s no black woman character to fit yourself

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