Can we get a Black Woman Hero?

Learn what ethnicity, nationality, and race are, then come back and redo your comment.


Gonna assume you meant to reply to me since we have the same icon, but its because this is entertaining.

I’m trying to delete it but it doesn’t look like I can. My apologies for the mixup.

I hope that you’ll also note that there were a lot of us that were on your side. While I don’t really care about the ethnicities of the characters in the game I fully support your right to make requests about them for whatever reason you see fit. Keep on keepin’ on.


It’s all good.

char limits

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Hm Yeah good point. I think she is Afro-Latina. We don’t have confirmation on that but she certainly looks like she might be.

If they confirmed her as such people might be happy about it, but until they do I guess people just aren’t sure since she is an animation.

Lucio is Afro-Brazilian. Not all black people are from Africa you know.

I think Brigitte was added, not only because maybe they wanted a new support hero, but because she’s not just some random character. Her story is connected to lots of other heroes, and Overwatch does care a lot about storytelling, even if it’s just a FPS game for some people.

I do agree that I’d love to see Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, Asian or Latinx characters (as a Latina myself, I’m a little biased lol)! But I don’t think there should be a competition regarding “when” these characters should be released. Everyone deserves to see themselves represented, but literally no one can deny that Black women are SERIOUSLY under represented.

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You’re so opposed to something that doesn’t even effect you in the slightest. OP is right, black women in this game are underrepresented. When Overwatch literally caters, to every other race and gender in the world but black women, then you say “quit victimizing yourself”, when all OP wants is something that everyone else already has; you’re coming off as a bit of a racist. Look at how long we had to wait for Doomfist, and we still couldn’t get an American.

I did yes, and yes, case of mistaken avatar.

What about females from the US? We have no American females. What about Chinese males? Or Korean males? Or Japanese females? What about Canada? There’s no hero from Canada!

There are so many different groups of people in this world and it would take ages for them to make EVERYONE happy. Let them introduce new heroes into the story naturally instead of trying to make them forced for the sake of “muhh inclusion”.

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You did it again lol

People are quite welcome to bring that up.

I said what I said.

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Ok,i was a little confused. No, Reaper doesn’t look black at all to me, he looks latino.
@Jask When someone says black they aren’t talking about the location someone is from. Lucio is black for sure.

Pharah an half Canadian/Native American

“Looks Latino” isn’t a thing.

Obviously the notion of a Black Woman merely existing as a playable character is a bit much for some people…


They all originate from Africa via the Atlantic slave trade. Some got shipped to South America, Mexico, North America, and the Caribbean.

no where does it say hes latino the only reason you think that is because he has a mariachi skin. hes from California

Actually, Pharah is half Egyptian / Canadian. But she is from Egypt, and that’s where her base of operations is. As far as we know, she’s never even been to Canada. I don’t really consider her a Canadian character because she is not actually from Canada.