Can we get a Black Woman Hero?

How is this flagged. Kinda messed up to flag it tbh. He has a point


Then perhaps talk to them about it instead of me?

She. But thank you. :slight_smile:

And no, Orisa doesn’t count. She’s a robot…

Wow, robo-racist.

We had this damn thread already in the old forums. She may not be a playable character, but Efi is important part of Orisa. There’s also that one woman in the photo from Ana’s origin trailer. Perhaps something could be done with her?


So more specifically you want a female hero with a darker skin tone like Doomfist?

no but if they focus on making a character from a certain region theyre going to make it based on that region and most likely make it off the major race there. also theirs much more ethnicity and races they should add before another black character if you want the game to be fully inclusive. like a native american hero or Portuguese hero or Mongolian or anything else

As someone who deals with racism pretty much every day of her life–including this very thread–this “joke” is in poor taste. Efi is not playable. I specifically said Hero.

I mean, she could be American. Or Hatian. Or Canadian. Or from anywhere else, we’re all over the world, you know.


also every new hero has been female beside df so theirs even less of a reason to add a black female for a while

only if the new black woman hero was born an indian man in a blue collar town in kentucky and happens to be a lesbian.

we could kill more birds with less stones if we stack the diversity.


No. I’d like to see a Black Woman. Dark skin is a global phenomenon.

Sombra and Symmetra…

Well, there is always that woman in the Ana picture. She might be a future hero.

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is that in reply to me saying no ones being racist here because im sorry but no, no ones being racist in this thread

Sombra and Symmetra… <

Sombra is Mexican, Symmetra is Indian.

Brown skin ≠ black.


They’re not Black. But thanks for playing!


I personally don’t understand why people seem to be against a Black female hero? Like, what exactly do you have against it?


Just because you don’t think something is racist doesn’t mean it’s not, friends.

I’d like it if we didn’t try to deny my lived experiences and stayed on task of coming up with every conceivable–but ridiculous–reason my request is unreasonable.


no one is against it but if you want the game to be more inclusive
like the op said then theirs a lot more races and ethnicitys you should add first

Yes we can get a black female hero. We can also get a mixed race hero. we can get a cat with a jetpack. We can get robots who claim neither gender nor regional origin!

now… SHOULD we get a hero with a particular gender/species/sexual orientation just because you want it and feel left out or even feel it’s underrepresented? Nah. This is a video game and while equal representation is nice, it really should be a tertiary concern.

But the fact the overwatch team does not hesitate to draw their characters from any gender or race or species or sexual orientation is great!