Can we fix victory poses?


We’ve been saying this since the last patch and they still be glitching. They’ve been bug reported and everything. What’s going on?

aye, and give Sym a golden glove


Is this satisfactory?


Is this console?


It’s only live on PC so far. I don’t know how fast console hotfixes go through.


Ana mains on console wanting to see her new victory pose. “Go on, i’ll wait.”


Take a look at Ana’s victory pose


That’s a pretty strange bug to have. It’s standard practice in game dev to remove unseen meshes from models, both for optimization and to prevent the risk of unintentional clipping like that. Ana shouldn’t even have a back on her body.


Don’t forget the b u t t. I think the bug is still live, just equip a young Ana skin, select the latest victory pose and turn around.