Can we do something about smurfs?

You must be joking.

There’s already a huge issue with high SR players smurfing in lower SRs. All an MMR reset would do is match former GMs up against former Bronzes for weeks (if not months) on end.

It’d be much, much, much worse than it is now!

And ur point is??? Yes a silver player should stomp in <500… There is a lot of smurfs… Yes and this is why I posted this thread to filter new accounts… It is really hard to maintain a low SR account… I couldn’t get lower than 2100 it was impossible to lose without forcing it.

What do u mean u play without monitor? Are u trying to say that the players that have the lowest skill rating in the game are more skilled that I think? Well…

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You clearly have no idea how skill-inflated the low ranks are. It’s literal smurf vs. smurf +/- SR trading back and forth all night every night. It’s nowhere near “monitor off” status. Come see for yourself, the more the merrier.


So ur game is a smurf vs a smurf… I assume since u have this knowledge then u r pocketing ur smurf and playing around him to maximize his impact?

Of course the low rated part of the ladder is skill inflated the game is 4 years old. There arent enough new players coming into the game to feed the ponzi scheme. Silver has been infested with washed up plat players for over 2 years now. There is no fix for it outside of MASSIVE incentives being put in for players that have quit to start playing competitive again.

If you are new to fps games or havent played overwatch in quite some time you are going straight to mid bronze.

Blame the lack of incentives
Blame the age of the game.
Blame the intentional derankers who like abuse looking for group to run “road to bronze” groups which blizzard sadly still has dont nothing to address.
Blame the shallow SR system which does not illustrate any gains in terms of skill. A 2000 SR player in season 10 is NOT the same as a 2000 SR player from season 6 as the ladder gets better. But in their mind they havent gotten better cause they arent climbing.

Yes to any fair-and-square tactics I can access to try and rank up. I won’t pocket obvious cheaters and 99% of the time just play my odds in solo queue, which is already handicapping myself enough to never rank up. But in most of my games I’m the designated carry, because my hardstuck MMR and KSR are really high. I’ve never seen a <500 game that we stomped because I just existed near our spawn. If I don’t play at peak it’s a for sure loss.

I agree, which is why I advocate for a total reset. And to elaborate:
The bottom of 1% of the ladder isn’t so much ‘purposeful’ smurfs as it is inadvertent win-trading (WT). A lot of people are kept low and/or hardstuck because of the low population. Imagine the same pool of 40 accounts, 20 of which blatantly don’t belong anywhere near bronze, constantly being reshuffled back and forth to win/lose SR with/against each other, ending the night with a net gain of 20sr as a result of pbsr drift. Every now and then one or two of them make it out, and you just don’t see those monsters anymore. The rest of us get a leaver or two and are back to square one. Meanwhile the avg.stats for players at <500 rank is totally padded and borked by all the “unwilling” smurfs.

A total reset isn’t going to fix the real problem. The real problem is there just isn’t enough new players to keep propping up the ladder and thus no one is climbing anymore.

Everyone is pretty much settled at a range and are just 50/50ing games and that is across the board. People smurf cause they are sick of W/T games at their respective brackets and thus want to be a god again.

Silver as a bracket is just ruined right now. I feel absolutely terrible for any legit new players right now they are going to be full on cannon fodder. The amount of smurfs now literally has reached critical mass on top of hte washed up plat plus players.

The bottom simply has long dropped out of the game cause no one wants to be cannon fodder. We all have our pride after all.

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Shooting ur self in the foot and blaming what ever u r blaming

I assume u don’t do self review for ur games… U dont seek for someone to vod review… U dont aim train

Also u call pocketing a good player is cheating

Idk man… U just want to complain… Have fun with it

I do all those things. Over two years actually. 20-30 hours/week. Account is still <500. Morning 1v1 sessions. Aim training. Mechanical workshops. During live streams you’ll see me shotcalling, tracking ults, etc. I have 20+ vods on twitch where I self-analyze and do post-game replay analysis. I study map rotations, positioning, engage/combos, etc. I slowed down on direct coaching because they basically had nothing more to offer. Their final recommendations were to buy a new account because there was no way I should be <500. Like I’ve always said, I’m not good, but <500 bad? Idk, I like to think I could be Silver.

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No way dude … Can u post ur twitch channel?

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See what I wrote about a solution:

The simple truth is there are options they can try however they won’t, because there is no money in it, and there fore the aren’t going to bother, I have tried giving my own ideas a couple times. Only to either be ignored or to have others poke holes in them, the fact is there are to many Smurfs ruining the game. There is little point in even reporting them as even the Smurfs themselves believe being reported will do nothing. The only true what to deal with it would be for blizzard to actually make a public statement saying it’s against Tos, and then start implementing serious punishments for those doing it for example banning the account for 2 week to a month. Its not hard to create an algorithm that can monitor statistics, if an account gets reported a few times the account is flagged and the algorithm can start to monitor that account watching for abnormalities. If they are just ranking up a new account let then rank but if shoes they are throwing games to stop from ranking ban the account for a few weeks. Its a simple enough solution, and it deals with both Smurfs and throwers at the same time. In the end its all just data and that can easily be monitored they just don’t do it.