Can we admit the SR system is broken?

So I get 19 sr for wins and -28 to -30 for losses when I have an 80% win rate. Balancing out to which balanced out to about 90 sr gain over 10 games. Where as if you did even SR say +20/-20 I’d have a 120 gain. This hits the fan right now if you have a 70% win rate you’d only gain 50 sr over 10 games which is slow. But as long as you get 50% win rate which should indicate you have no effect on the games outcome. This should mean you are in your proper rank, but instead… 50% win rate gets you -45 SR.

If the game analytics are saying you shouldn’t be at this rank there for 19 gain / -28 loss then how do I have 60-80% win rates every season. Something isn’t being captured analytically.

FURTHER, i grind fricken season every season for like 10 seasons. EVERY start of season you put me at 2090 support and mutiple times i grind up to 2340 in my casual play… THEN THE NEXT SEASON YOU PUT ME TO 2090. !!! WHY DO YOU HATE ME


Been this way for years…
Idk why they like it that way.
I think they just want people to grind fruitlessly. Like top 500 point decline rate, forces you to keep jumping in.

Really? I am the opposite of you with my account(s). I lose 80% but still gain SR. 7-18 SR loss (usually closer to the 7) and 28-74 SR gain for the win (yeah the 74 is very rare, usually season start (highest ever was a 134)), it is usually in the 30’s. So lose 3-4 games out of 5. Gain 3-7 SR a night for the 5-6 games played and 4-5 lost.

Edit: Which incidentally mean a tier up every 3-4 seasons… now that’s a grind.

Mind sharing the stats of whatever hero you play?

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It’s not that the SR system is broken, it’s that the system is completely undermined by MMR, which is an algorithmic handicapping system.

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If you take a look at the stat sites you can see why. The positive is you are very good at staying alive. The rest of your stats are not so great.

If we take your main which is zen. You are in the bottom 15% for damage, bottom 10% for healing, bottom 19% for offensive assists, bottom 11% for accuracy, bottom 20% for final blows and bottom 8% for trans healing. I’ll give you an average for defensive assists. It’s not much better on all your other healers with similar stats.

So, the system thinks you are being carried and giving you poor SR returns. Perhaps you can rarely die on zen and still carry games just by being alive but it would be an unusual playstyle. If you really want to raise your SR you probably need to play a little less safely and in return do a bit more dps and healing.

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Wait, so you’re grinding up 300 SR every season and you’re pulling a high win rate and you’re complaining you don’t earn even more?

I’m boggled.

I’m annoyed that you grind up and get completely reset back down while only in gold. This isn’t top 500 with a 3900 starting cap.

Also - Faking

I think the point flew right by you.

  1. The maximum healing or dmg output actually would change based on the tempo of the rank you are playing at. Arguable there is more dmg coming in higher games giving more time to heal. And yes this season I am playing zen, but typically ana and lucio. Now brig and zen. As zen I bet you in higher ranks a lot of healing is coming from transc, but if the dmg output isn’t high in gold the trans does less.
  2. The game misses the point since damage may appear low as I fire into double shield (which is a problem in ow 1). But I still get 18 kills / 10 mins as zen.
  3. in gold there is a massive value in target spamming when they dive and choke spamming when they don’t. The survival rate is evidence that I am surviving the fights.

The point is… What ever I am doing is turning a system that thinks the odds are 50/50 into 85%w/15%L when I am on zen which the point is, clearly the whole story isn’t here.

Also try not to read into overbuff stats since 95% of accounts are private and don’t share their data.

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Whilst true, enough people do to give good stats. You now have two sources that indicate you aren’t doing much in game compared to others. First is overbuff which has you in the bottom 20% or worse for almost all stats. Blizzard also think you aren’t doing much as they are giving you poor SR gains and losses.

Staying alive and not doing much is working for you but it is a slow way to climb. If you want to compare yourself to other gold players then play a game and log out and go to omnicmeta. Once your stats are there you can see how you compare to other gold players.

Must be good to be in the top 1% for staying alive though it comes at a cost to your productivity. Alternatively, you can keep denying you aren’t doing much except staying alive and blame blizz for crappy SR gains.

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I love how confidently you read into stats, but don’t realize correlation does not equal causation. If someone has 1000 more damage per 10 it could put them up massive percentages on the bell curve. But if that higher stat person ahs a 20% win rate do you know believe they are contributing more to the game. I assure you there are people while high stats that are losing and falling fast. The point is the game uses the stats as a thinking they tell the story and they try to curve it rather than using just 1:1 +/-. Ultimately someone could be fricken diamond in a gold game, but if they tilt their team every game they will lose more on average. Other players may perform better because of call outs, your positioning, shot prioritization, or any number of non-tangibles.

I love how confidently you speak and you are in the bottom 50% rankings also. I don’t think you are the authority on what wins games, and the overall competitive system.

Your opinion is registered.

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Yeah, but if he has 85% wr he must be doing something right…

Sr system is busted.

I’d gain 20, lose 30 on Mercy. I went for single tempo rezzes, rather than mass rezzes. Got me 60% wr.

One game I played Orisa and got 28 sr for 4 kills as I baby sat payload as my team spawn camped the enemy.

Gave up on Mercy due to sr bull crap. Climbed a ton on Torb.

Played Mercy again, 400 sr higher. Played her like crap, getting hard carried. Got 30 sr for the win.

Broken system is broken. Thought they’d fixed it by now, but looks like it’s still all about farming stats.

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Good points, great questions.

Cuthbert spamming every forum post possible. You love to see it.

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Why don’t players talk more about ‘game analytics?’ Seems there is a lot to discuss.

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What I would like to see is someone reviewing a game in any PBSR rank, showing all 12 players SR gains and losses. With all accounts over level 100 so there is no extra SR boost for fresh accounts.

Then we can review the game from each player’s perspective, and analyze their contributions both from a micro and macro standpoint. And judge whether or not the system did a good job in assessing who did well and who did not, to warrant the SR gain/loss of each player involved.

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intuitively that might seem correct but thats a backwards approach. if you understand that mmr isn’t on a strictly game-by-game basis then you should also understand and agree that looking at only one game’s context isn’t going to give you a very clear picture of input → output

you might have a better idea of the accuracy by having someone review a handful of games over a time period (say, 1 game per session per day) and then ask “does this player seem to fit in?” going into the match, not the result coming out

love to see how anything that fits his narrative, without fail, is necro’d by him :stuck_out_tongue:

if anything here’s rigged, it’s the image the top 50 forum posts are conveying. it’s a good thing only like 15 people view these forums. cuthy’s wasting his effort :sweat_smile:

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I agree but it’s better than nothing. With zero transparency in PBSR I don’t think it is possible to obtain the data needed to properly analyze even one game.

Not really a relevant question to ask in my opinion. When you can sometimes get games with up to 4 different ranks of players playing together, what does it really mean to “fit in”? Be anywhere in between silver and diamond skill level?

What never seems to be addressed is how your personal performance is greatly affected by your teammates and how much they enable you to play well enough to put up the stats required for decent PBSR gains.

It’s not just him. Scroll down further and look at the overall narrative. You will find at least 70% of the topics are in some way either directly or indirectly connected to complaints about the matchmaker or SR system. It’s no wonder the devs have long since abandoned this sinking ship.

Then why say this?:

How could you possibly judge whether or not the system did a good job, if you also think that it’s not possible to obtain the data needed to analyze even one game.

Opt to not confuse yourself by focusing on matches that aren’t outliers, even if the outliers are common. Or if you must, then have a very large sample size so you can paint a clear picture without confusing yourself.

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I would like to be proven wrong. Maybe it is possible that 12 players all agree to share their SR gains and losses, or Blizzard changes the rules on transparency, but I won’t be holding my breath.

The only thing I’m confused about is what you are trying to say here.

I do have to say, I actually can’t believe I didn’t think of this one.

But if you wanted to track 1 specific player, you’d have to analyze like 10 games reviewing the gameplay of all 12 players.

That’d be an incredible workload.

  • I’d for sure do it though :sweat_smile:

But you won’t be able to get that kind of cooperation out of 111 random people to tell you how much SR they got at the end.

Well it’s the same as filter bubbles on Google. If the only thing people see is what “insert predatory entity here” wants them to see, eventually the “less-inquisitive” are likely to start taking as fact without actually knowing what they’re talking about.


I do applaud his efforts though. Fortunately the devs chill on Reddit the most.