Can we acknowledge there are severe audio problems in the game?


Maybe help by providing video evidence of these bugs or at least making a detailed bug report in the bug report section instead of whining without providing anything useful?


Forgot the double voiceline bug


I’ve heard this mainly with Zen’s ult on either mine or the enemy team.


Hmm, the only sound issue I’ve noticed is that sometimes the healing tones don’t play.


Go away. I reported several times already.


You need to report your experience in the audio issue megathread I started in the bug forums. There are many video examples demonstrating the current audio issues, a master collection of threads from over the past months complaining about audio issues, and many people complaining about the same problems. I’ll add your thread to the list, but if you could add your experience to the thread to keep it bumped and on the dev’s radar that will help a lot.


It’s been going on for me too but I think the developers announced why this happens.
There is a bandwidth limit and when too much sound goes through some of it experiences packet loss.


Bandwidth? Strange, I remember seeing a blue post where they said it had to do with running out of memory pools in “particularly intense fights” or something to that effect. Would you happen to remember where you heard or read that bandwidth statement, could be useful for the audio issues megathread.


I don’t know the specifics but it is something in limited supply.
I just assumed bandwith.


Im not experiencing any of those bugs so its maybe a clientside glitch


Your post history says otherwise but okay, keep on thinking these issues will just fix themselves overnight if you think about them real hard :man_shrugging:

Maybe you can make some use out of the megathread FledgeSRondo kindly linked


I have this issue too. Silent dragons, no voice line for grav, dont hear widow’s ult, etc. Its a pretty big bug


I hate this. I only get this with McCree, Pharah, and Zarya.

There were a bunch of things happening and Zarya ulted with no voice line. The only reason I knew she ulted was because the orb she launched looked like her Ult.


Here’s the fix, play with a headset on.


It’s really interesting how many people are speaking up about the not hearing ult calls thing. I’ve never had this issue, so I wonder what causes it


Are you still here? You think this is the only account I have?
And now harassing me for it? Go away.


You can hide the sound of you ult somewhat when ulting at the same time another teammate
Also when you ult if you die fast enough the voice line gets cut off(For heros like zarya this is a pain sinve the ult is still tossed but she doesn’t say voiceline)
Otherwise I think the rest of scenarios would just be bugs


If you get the voice lines off you’ll notice that there are tons of issues, soldiers ult is something I rarely hear, widow, dva while airborne (i’m constantly playing without em)


Happens to me a lot as well. If the sound of the healthpack getting picked up stops working, you won’t be hearing it for the rest of the game. If the sound of hack isn’t working, you won’t hear it for the rest of the game. It’s like certain sound clips in memory are getting corrupted or something.

Unfortunately, i’ll still have to go through my videos to find those examples, but i’ve ended up doubling back because i thought i didn’t pick up the healthpack or the hack failed.


I can confirm that my audio also cuts but in the character selection screen. Also I have heard Zenyatta’s ultimate twice plenty of times.

The game needs optimization patch as soon as possible.