Can they add a ping system to the game?

Like a singular ping thats like neon red to let your team know that someones on the high ground or something or back lines would be nice.

Just get a mic :neutral_face:

I mean sure I can speak but if half my teams not gonna join voice anyways at least make it so I don’t have to type in the chat to get their attention.

If they don’t join VC chances are very high they will do their own thing and ignore the rest of the team anyway.

The existence of voice chat does not mean that QoL improvements shouldn’t be implemented.


Kaplan discussed ping systems a bit (and why they didn’t work quite as well as desired in Overwatch) last year, in the context of Apex Legends:

Like Apex, yeah it is pretty cool and it could be great in Overwatch

This is one of the situations where their pride as developers who “know best” doesn’t make sense. Any ping system, even a rudimentary single ping with no other context, is better than the game without a ping system.

We know exactly what it would look like because there were waypoints in the Tutorial, and the visuals look great. With the HUD opacity changes, spamming it shouldn’t matter, and if it’s audibly annoying, then replace the standard sound effect with a voice line.

For people that spam or abuse it, add a cooldown and add an opt out/mute setting the same as voice chat.

Even if it’s imperfect, the very existence of having a ping system means it can be improved and worked upon in later patches. The same can be said for a lot of QoL improvements, but they don’t want to roll out features to be improved later for some reason.