Can the Dev team answer a question?

Why do some changes come to live without testing in the experimental card?

Such as the Moira Ultimate cost increase.
Or the Echo ultimate cost increase.
Or even Reaper receiving the nerf to 5.5 damage per pellet before his “rework” even hit live.

Surely these things should be tested first.

Especially the Moira change. It was far far too harsh. Necessary (imo but then again you never tested it nor gave a dev comment) but too harsh.

Also I’d like to ask what the Dev team thinks of Moira’s current state in OW1, it would be very nice to understand what they think of Moira right now, especially since she’s appeared in the majority of Experimental patches since September 2020 and has undergone a lot of changes. It’d be nice for some communication on this front as I don’t see why it needs to be kept a secret.


I believe many of these changes came after other changes during an experimental card realizing the original changes needed an additional adjustment to compensate. For example with Moira this came with the adjustment that was tested in the May 24th Experimental.

I am going to enter personal opinion here. I would argue that even today Moira gets her ult way too fast even today it might need to be nerfed even more. I say this based on my observations of the top level of play where the balance of the game is based on. During last season of Overwatch League, it was quite common for a support player playing Moira to often fire off their ultimate in the first team fight. Considering the life saving potential of that ult. I think it is still a VERY powerful tool to her kit.


I mean in OWL, teams have the co-ordination to play around Moira with the exact composition that suits her.

But in ranked even in GM this isn’t as plausible.
Especially with D.Va floating around to eat your orbs, or one or two teammates not playing toward to plan. I just don’t think the ideal scenario exists for Moira in ranked as frequently as it could.

However if it were up to me I wouldn’t revert the nerf anyway. I would almost definitely buff her damage to give her some playmaking potential. But I know the community isn’t too fond of that idea and it isn’t up to me :stuck_out_tongue:


It might charge really fast, but that’s ONLY what moira has going for her. The strat is to charge coal as fast as possible.

But even then, she’s easily the worst support in the game.


Isn’t that kinda just Moira’s design though? No utility, but can spam heals and while her ult isn’t on the same level of many others, you can get it out fairly early and often. If you limit the frequency of her ult she’s going to need significant compensation.


He fears the Kamehameha, and for good reason. This sacred technique has downed some of the strongest warriors in the universe. Clearly it needs to be reworked into a Spirit Bomb to be fair for professional players.

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That happens in the top tiers of play where players naturally deal a ton of damage, and teams know how to safely feed and build support ults.

Not to brag, but with the tanks I get, I can lowkey fire off two ultimates in the first teamfight as MoMo.

SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH Overwatch league sign 'em up!


I like it when they’re good changes

The first change where this happened was for soldier recoil, people said he was probably too good and might need some nerfs, so they pushed with with -1dmg per bullet

I think this was awesome because it makes things quicker, you don’t have to wait for ANOTHER experimental for 2 weeks and then another week for it to be pushed live, it just gets pushed based on community feedback

This said, Moira nerf was unneded IMO (I don’t think anyone even suggested it) and people overreacted over reaper, and it shows because there’s no reaper meta