Can someone please explain this?


So I’ve recently downloaded apex legends and was surprised to see without changing my settings aka everything on max, I was able to run the game without any lag at all

Now overwatch I have them at low and can barely run the game at times??? can someone please explain this and offer a solution

i swear when I first reinstalled the game with highest settings it was actually playable at max fps with little to no fps drops

is it just a memory leak? cause if so it happens way too early

like i go through 3-5 games and then every game from then are like im playing on a toaster but 3-5 games seems way too small to cause a memory leak

like i literally don’t get it at all, from the lagging on low settings and randomly having the game die for every game


Different games uses different graphic engines and their compatibility to each specific system will differ. I maintain a guide which gives general tips to help optimize Overwatch to your system here:


I’ve already done everything there from months back except the virtual memory thing, mostly from when i was trying to fix fps issues in other games

I think there has to be a specific problem for what’s causing my game to start lagging at random times and forever after it starts or how I can’t manage stable fps at all times on lowest settings but i can for games like apex legends on max

ik it’s different for each game but there’s no way that scenario above makes sense