Can someone help me understand this Sigma change


Is this referring to the time between pressing Q and the circle indicator appearing, or the time between selecting the area and people being thrown up?


I think it’s when you push it and he jumps into the air before being able to select a spot. They called it the “intro” rather than just a normal cast time.


Damn I think you’re right - I hoped it was the execution cast, giving us more time to escape it.


Well there’s more time to shoot him down or just spread out a bit even if it’s not much.


I think the “cast time” is after you select the radius and position.


This one ^
Its a good change, it prevents me from getting away with dumb stuff that i really shouldn’t.


It’s not precise but I’ve been trying it out in the practice range and it does seem to be the delay between pressing Q and the circle showing up. Granted its a very small difference so I may be wrong.


Cast time is between Q and activating it. He can have up to a 7 second cast time during which it can be ended. Once he selects the position casting is over and it is no longer cancelable.


intro is how he jumps into the air and says whatever awesomeness he says
this is a really big hit to his ult that people dont quite realize


I have a doubt, the change is nerf or buff??