Can someone explain this armor nerf?


I don’t understand it. Everyone’s complaining and I’m so confused on what’s happening.


They’re nerfing armor. It’s a popular opinion that they’re trying to nerf goats so viewers will be more inclined to watch OWL.


So how are they nerfing it?


Armor isn’t as effective.


It’s already good explained with the notes:


They basically reduced the damage reduction from -5 to -3
Idk if it still impacts heroes that does under 10 dmg per bullet (Since heroes that does under 10 dmg/bullet has halved damage instead)


it will still be -3 under 10 dmg. so everyone benefits except for those with 6 dmg per bullet (rip tracer)


How about her head shoots tho?


not all of us are dafran or profit. this armor nerf helps higher ranks more than lower ranks, because they are better at reliablly headshotting. and yes, she will now deal 9 per bullet on headshots


Armour is less effective making tanks a bit easier to kill.

Neat change imo


Welp, its just simpler to do hs to heroes with armor than heroes who dont have it, they are usualy slower with bigger head hit box, thats why i said about tracer being able to hs. But i dont know i dont play tracer myself.


I was more thinking about squishies with armor, but yes, rip tanks.


So it’s a flat nerf to armoured tanks, when not all armoured tanks are a problem. Indeed, it doesn’t effect Zarya at all, as she doesnt have armour.

But it does heavily nerf Orisa and Hammond who are underperforming.

It’s a sledgehammer attempt to nerf GOATS for OWL viewers, that doesn’t really do anything to help the live game. However, since it doesn’t hurt Zarya, and Rein is less effected than other armoured Tanks, it’s questionable as to whether it would even succeed in doing so, or whether it’ll just give us a GOATs with Roadhog replacing D.Va.

It certainly won’t bring dive back and won’t do much of anything to break up Zarya and Reinhardt.


Before the change
If the shot dealt 10 damage or more it’s damage was reduced by 5
If the shot dealt 9 damage or less it’s damage was reduced by 50% instead
Now it works like this
If the shot deals 7 damage or more it’s damage is reduced by 3
If the shot deals 6 damage or less it’s damage is reduced by 50% instead