Can junkrat please get a buff


The stats from Overbuff was already showing Junkrat was steadily decreasing after his mine nerf and was reaching a point he was pretty close to being balanced.

This isn’t just from our POV, this is the POV from the top, who’s main complaints was the tire speed. Aside from that? Nothing about his toolkit.


I was getting absolutely trashed by a RH with great hooking the other day; did they buff it recently or something? Seemed like every two seconds he was hooking someone on my team. Roadhog is back in a big way, which, I mean good for him he’s been down and out for a while now. He seems a lot stronger lately.

This particular soldier wasn’t even doing anything special, just standard back and forth strafing with predictable timing. Before the .3 to .2 reduction I could have killed him easily, being that I had the drop on him and all (as most DPS characters can do) but he ended up getting away because I just couldn’t touch him with my primary fire. And my career average with scoped Ashe is 44% right now, so I’m not a terrible shot. Not amazing, but not terrible.


Last patch they made it a LOT more responsive. Lowered delays and sped up animations across the board. So he’s a LOT more dangerous now.

I still think he’s a bit on the weak side, but the hook changes did a lot to help him out. He really, really depends on a good team comp.

He’s my goto tank when I need to tank for a team that just won’t work if they stack behind a barrier, or will probably refuse to stack behind a barrier in the first place.


He’s just destroying me when I play Moira now, so I mean- that’s good, she doesn’t have a lot of sharp counters. His shots seem a touch on the strong side, but only if you consider that he’s a tank and not view him as the weird DPS tank hybrid he sort of actually is. TBH I think we should have an Anchor Tank and an Off Tank, they’re such different roles that can’t really fill in for each other?


He got a lot of his “threat of force” tanking back with the hook changes. His primary fire isn’t an insta-death sentence anymore except in some specific cases (like Reaper if you know where to put your shot, or just Ashe in general…or 90% of hooks on Ilios Well).


aim a bit more carefully to land powerful direct hits

land powerful direct hits

What is this they are talking about ?

That moment when you want to lower spam but you end up making spam the only reliable option… :thinking:


Right?? LOL - now all I can do is kill things by accident. I used to have a really good shot rate with Junkrat, like I could actually hit a Sombra jumping through the air sometimes. I was pretty decent at shelling down a Pharah. Now? Hell no! Don’t even waste your time.


Yup. My favorite part of the patch note is “These changes are aimed at lowering some of the most frustrating parts about playing against Junkrat.”

And people wonder why I post so much these days about nerfing Widowmaker because I find her frustrating. I’m only doing what the devs have expressly admitted is a valid way to get what you want.

That’s why I’ve been suggesting reducing Junkrat’s rate of fire, but compensate by making his grenades even larger than they were before and giving him a bonus to impact damage when he hits a barrier.

Spam is not a property of high accuracy. It’s a property of rate of fire. If you want us to aim more, you have to let us land shots at longer range, and with projectiles that means giving us more leeway when landing shots to make up for putting less shots down-range.

Hell, if you want to actually reward aim, you need to increase the impact damage.

Like, reduce explosion damage from 80 to 60 and increase impact damage from 40 to 60 (so 60 + 60). However, give the explosive a proximity detonator out to a full 0.75m with a (0.75m / 17mps=) 0.05 second delay so that if you would land a direct hit the grenade will trigger the explosive and then impact just before going off. Then, give Junkrat’s grenades both favor the shooter and headshot crits (180 damage on a headshot, because if you can land it, you deserve the damage).


The thing about Widowmaker is that she’s rewarded so sharply; Junkrat now gets basically punished for already having a difficult time lining up a shot. With Widowmaker you’re being rewarded for your aim ability, but she’s able to get so many rewards so quickly- one right after the other, if she’s lucky, at a safe distance- that it feels stilted and unfair.

The more difficult the challenge the higher the reward, but they need to make sure to temper how fast characters can accrue those rewards; that’s why DF is such a problem, he can throw himself in danger- high risk- but then kill three squishies without blinking an eye - too high a reward. Frustration.


Oh so im a Junk main, so i my opinion is invalid, are you really one of those guys?


He hasn’t made the fact that he is exactly one of those people abundantly clear already?


I wasnt paying much attention to him for obvious reasons


It is stilted and unfair. She’s basically a hard carry. She does what she does from absolute safety when there’s any kind of a skill gap, or if she has good tanks protecting her.

She’s a carry in a game that should not have carries.


Give him self harm then self buffs… I mean he should take some kind of potential damage from this constant rocket flight, ditto for Ashe.


Alright then, Junkrat projectile speed is now increased to 30 m/s but firing speed is slower, and his consistent mines of 120 damage is back. His ult charge been increased to 1950 to match the cost of it

You want to make him crap at close range? You’re gonna give him something back to make sure he’s strong at mid-range.


On the surface I would be down for that, but he needs some self-control, I mean, spam-control.


nah i just think that if u were on the other side of the balls ud not be asking for reverts


You do understand that we all play against other junkrats on top of playing as junkrat. Yes?

His grenades have never been difficult to dodge outside of close range. Before his second mine, he was a throw pick because his grenade damage was considered to be “trash damage” that was primarily good at charging Lucio’s ultimate and not much else.

The only change his grenades have ever had was the radius nerf. So without changing his grenades they went from “trash damage” to “OMG FRUSTRATING!!!”.

The radius change was BS because the QQ was BS.


Ive been there, MULTIPLE times, and you know what? i never had an issue with them because i know how to evade them


junk v junk isnt the same as 76 v junk mccree v junk or just anything v junk