Can I stop random disconnects?

Hi, ever since I got this game (season 16) I have had random disconnects from games, were it boots me from the game, reloads the game, then I am able to rejoin back into the lobby like nothing happened. At first I thought it was an internet issue, but I never lag/dc in discord calls and my brother ( who plays in the same house) has this issue to, but we never disconnect at the same time. It is also not computer related, because I got a new PC and this is still and issue. Any ways that I can solve this?

Troubleshooting connection issues requires connection test data. If you can provide that, someone may be able to help. Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #30 by Drakuloth

I’ve been having the same issue as well. I just get suddenly disconnected, no lag prior to that or anything. And it also reconnects me right away.

When playing normal modes it’s not a huge issue (still sucks), but in archives mode I just lose all my progress and my teammates get penalized for it as well since they have to 3 man the rest.

I’ve tried a lot of technical troubleshooting and I can’t narrow the issue down. I have a gigabit connection, and I don’t have any issue with any other game. My latency is always sub 70 MS.