Can I move Overwatch to another drive without reinstalling?

Space on my SSD is getting really low and Overwatch patches are so huge that I need to move the game to my other SSD. Is this possible without completely downloading the game another time? Can I somehow just move the folder to my other SSD? Downloading with my internet will take very long so I don’t really want to do it.

If it is possible to simply move the folder, is there a special way to do it? Like is there an instruction for this?

I could be wrong, but pretty sure you can’t just move the files.

I also had to move mine to my other drive to clear up space and I had to re-install, but I also have fiber internet so it didn’t take me long D=

Rich kid spotted.
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I’ve done it, I don’t remember exactly how but it probably involved copying it over first, then changing the directory in the battlenet settings, and getting it to recognize the new install before deleting the old copy.

That said I completely reinstall the game from time to time, the game really isn’t that big, your hardware may just be old, which is fine, but OW patches, on an absolute basis, are not huge.

Just copy paste it

Go into game settings from the launcher, game locations or how its called and set the new path.

You can even uninstall it after copying and the tell the launcher to locate the game files.
(understand able if you dont do this for safety)
I’ve moved it to a newer drive where i now store all games.

I’m not a dev. But it works for me.

I do this with all blizzard games, like who wants to download wow 100GB when you can transfer it via ssd’s? (and then update the last new patches)

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Drag the folder to the new drive and then there is an option for it in the menu on the launcher, the option is under game settings and then game install/updates where you type in the new path to the folder or hit the use new folder button and select it from that. I’ve done it before.


I don’t know why but the patches I have to download are often up to 10 GB big, not even sure why because often it’s just fixes or events being reactivated. And I don’t believe 4 skins are 10 GB in size.

Thanks for explaining! I will try this tomorrow and see if it works for me as well!

EDIT: What about the settings I made in game? Will they be kept or do I need to save them somehow as well?

As far as i remember, they are on your account.

So on your friends computer, for example, your account would still have the same keybindings.

Not rich (or a kid), just don’t have any children :joy: It’s like 50 a month or something here. Got two jobs :sunglasses:

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I dont know where they save to by default, but controls and other hero settings should be cloud synced so even if you accidentally delete whatever files you need it’ll get updated accordingly (though if you’re moving the entire folder as opposed to redownloading it then it’ll keep these files anyway).

Things like video settings are located in documents, no need to move them.

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If errors or problems happen in the future then I would recommend reinstalling.

I wanted to do this too but never tried however there is a guide to do it:

www.pwrdown. com/gaming/how-to-move-overwatch-to-another-drive/

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Paste game folder where ever you want, and in settings under “Game install/update” you’ll have “folder used for gameplay” button, click for Overwatch, pick that newly pasted folder, ???, profit …

Though I’m pretty sure it would work if you just paste it, and run exe file …

Just cut and paste. Blizzard never does anything funky with things like your registry.

As far as the blizzard launcher goes, you’ll have to tell it where you moved the game to, but it should ask you.

Just make sure you’ve got the launcher closed down completely (not just minimized to the icon tray) before you try to move anything. Not because you can mess anything up, but because if the launcher tries to access any OW files as part of any kind of background process while you’re moving them, it can lock the files and halt the move.

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you absolutely can make a copy go to game settings -> game install/ updates -> find overwatch -> use a different folder

Just move the folder and change the settings where the game is located.
Use Copy not Cut just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

An alternate approach is to use a symbolic link
in cmd prompt (as admin)
“mklink sourcefolder targetfolder”

sourcefolder= path to where game is now.
targetfolder= path to where you want to put it.