Can I be banned for this nick?


I am not german. However, in my country people don´t like when you say that word


The word itself (just “Führer” as a description for leader) isn’t common anymore, mainly because of it’s historical background as well as being a “old way” to say leader.
The word “Führer” mostly got replaced by “Anführer” which has basically the same meaning, the “Führer-part” is also used in many other words that describe any form of leading person / organization or anything else, as an example: “Tabellenführer” as in leading team in soccer / football cups (whatever you want to call it).

The name chosen by OP might be problenatic because Führer and dead in one name mostly refer to a very certain Führer… we all know what is meant by that.
I personally wouldn’t care about it though there are some people who like to report you for anything, even I got reported in the first days of OW because a bigger youtuber has my name… even though I use this name since 2004.


I don’t think I have a reasonable justification


Just say you’re a Fullmetal Alchemist fan or something.

Tbh, it’s news to me that the term alone is considered problematic.


Hey maybe you’re talking about Bradley from FullMetal, and not actual history.


I guess every german word is offensive nowadays.

Don’t buy a new one, not worth spending 10€ on it.

If ppl think your nick is offensive you’ll get a free name change anyway. Unlikely you’d get a suspension unless you have a lot prior to it.


No, not every German word; just the Reich related ones. Unless you took your entire German vocabulary from a military history book that’ll leave you pleeeeeenty of options.
Here’s some ideas: Schnitzel, Katzen, Fähren, Kleine, Stärk, Wunderbar and Wunderbär


If you get reported you will probably be forced to change it yes.
That counts as a penalty, so dont be “clever” and use another one that is also forbidden or goes against the CoC or … your account is going to get a surprise outside of Christmas :smiley:


I don’t think i would be so clever


I think it depends on the land/servers you are on. Germany? Maybe. America? Not so sure.


I play on South America


I’ve had this name for a long time, no issue so far
Worst case your tag will be changed to Player


I can see how this could be seen as controversial. But it looks like a metal band name. So its like Leader dead, your name, sounds like it would be like deadhead or something. I’ve seen worse, and I don’t see why people would be so offended by it. Did you first create the name with a negative intent?



Wouldn’t know tbh. There’s still “Omnicdick” going around


I think if he wanted to call himself “leaderdead” nobody would be making any fuss. It’s the word “Führer” specifically that is likely to be a problem.


I think OP you seem to genuinely be concerned and I applaud you for asking. Personally, I would recommend changing it but the choice is yours. You could well be reported and made to change it, so why not take that step first? I do think you seem to be aware that people could take offence and don’t seem too attached to it from your follow up posts, so I’m with some of the other people here and would advise you to change it to something similar but a bit less risque.


You’re gonna be asked to change your username, or else they will change your username to Player#14262 or any other number. My previous username is KucingKadut, and i dont understand what is wrong with it but they still changed it to Player#.
They dont accept any arguments and keep going on with it even though i already gave the explanation on what my username came from.
So just expect to be told to change your username.


All let you figure that one out


im laughing so hecking hard