Can I be banned for this nick?


My current nick is “führerdead”, there is any chance of i get a ban??

I didn’t choose this nick thinking about Adolf or something like that.


Why do you even have that name anyway?


most likely.
they dont really bother using their brain when banning.
contexts and such sure wasnt their fortay when they did me in.


Pretty sure they just force change your btag in the worst case scenario


Enough reports will turn your btag into “Player”


You won’t get banned, but that name I would judge to possibly be in violation of the Blizzard Code-of-Conduct naming guidelines.


The resulting action will simply cause a force change of your BattleTag, usually to something like BNetPlayer#12345

If you do have your free BattleTag change still available, I recommend using it.


I used to use this nick in forums/chans


I know. But my question is why OP picks a name that will get them side-eyed for obvious reasons regardless of context.


If you are questioning it, you probably can if people report you.


If you have to ask…


Could happen. Why did you choose that name?


Including the word ‘führer’ is risky under any circumstances. I’m sure you are aware of this or you wouldn’t be asking. :slight_smile:


Tbh, I would never ever report someone bcos of their nick. I have more important things to do.


shakes head free name change inbound.


wrong quote, i wanted to reply OP


Unfortunately I already used it, but maybe I buy another one, I think its a good idea


You can purchase an new BattleTag change here:


Isn’t fuhrer just german for leader?
I’m curious germans, can you use this word seriously in an academic or business context without people immediately thinking of adolf?
Do german people avoid using the word?


Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu


If you can justify it not being chosen for offending reasons, then not… but how do you justify that though?