Can anyone with the time help me fix my game

So I’ve been working on my game mode for about three months now. I’ve searched up numerous ways to fix my game. I have implemented those factors into my game mode and fixed countless issues every day also I work on the mode every day.
I even able to drop my sever load a significant amount but it still randomly spikes and eventually crashes however it a long running mode with 50 rounds but crashes anywhere from round 10-16 (it’s hard to reach these rounds without a good team) for seemingly no reason.
But anyone with the time and who is kind enough to just look thru my code and point anything out that might be a issue will be greatly appreciated because I’m still learning and improving but the game code is 49NTG


Simplified some Text strings and redid some Condition orders to hopfully make a dent, doubt that alone will be enough though.

Would assume the ‘random spikes’ come from people dancing around in the spawnpoint array checks as those are the closest thing I could find that could cause these massive spikes, adding a small wait could already do the trick there.


Thank you so much for your help and I’ve implemented your changes and can you elaborate on the “dancing in spawn arrays”

Likely players managing to be repeatedly stepping in & out of the distance for the Spawnpoint array rules causing the [spawn point arrays a - g] to rapidly be removed / added in turn causing these high server load spikes.

Adding a small wait at the beggining with Abort When False
or a wait with ignore condition at the ending of either the adding or removal of the spawnpoints should already be enough to help leviate this issue.


Thank you so much for your insight I’ll incorporate that later then I get home

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