Can anyone tell me what happened on this play?


How did Bastion live here?


Assuming he doesn’t have any extra health buffs (eg, Repair Pack or Rally, etc), Bastion has 300 health. 200 of that health is regular health, and 100 is armour.

Reinhardt’s Charge deals 300 damage, but because of Bastion’s armour, the damage is reduced by 5, so Bastion lives.


Pocketed and full health plus armourclad? That or potato internet strikes again


Bastion has armor and it reduced your charge damage. Without armor it deals 300dmg, with armor it deals 295, so that’s how bastion survived


It was just a ‘mis-charge’… your destination left you way out in the open.


Ah. Ok. I always figured it was a one-shot. I guess he usually just gets tapped by somebody else in the process. Doesn’t the initial pin do damage, though, before the impact?


Only the impact, a “bump” does 50 if you failto grab them though


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Thanks, much appreciated


Good to know. Thanks, y’all!