Can anyone confirm this?

Can any devs or people who are informed, confirm what’s happening with comp?

Blizzard have continuously stated why theyre against mmr reset, it would be weird if they just did it now.
I wanna know before playing comp so i can be prepared.

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Yes, there seems to have been a hard MMR reset. You might get put against OWL pros right now

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Are you sure?

It’s kind of a soft reset

Something about starting with bigger SR gain or loss until adjusted to your proper SR.
And if you never played a role, they will base it on other people’s SR around same level on other roles.

It has to be a glitch. SF Shock Choi got placed gold. And his first win after placements, he got 2 SR. No way this is legit.


Multiple OWL players are placing low gold. It’s chaos right now

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Does not seem soft as top500 playing in gold.

must be.

Does wyomingmyst know anything about it?

I have no knowledge at this time.


Oh sorry, didn’t know that…

Update from the devs everyone:

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