Can’t win a single game

Your using a non-carry hero. You want to make a difference in every match? Then youll have to learn a skilled hero.

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games are skewed to 50% win-rate for the unskilled players. Over 99% of you wanted this btw.

There’s is thing call common denominator. Seeing that you’re always losing, you may want to look at yourself. Or may just quit because this isn’t the game for you.

Math time.
Flip a coin. Heads or Tails?

Was is heads every time? No.

Did it go heads more than once. Yes

With 50% you will get random chance to lose/Win with streaks. They only difference is how you perform each time. If your consistantly performing each game you will rank even in a losing streak.

The issue is some players (ME) are not mechanically gifted but use our brains to get wins.
We need to win with 60% or more to be able to rank as our performance doesn’t count much in the SR numbers.

Right now in Bronze 5 we need to grind 1000 SR. It’s going to take a whole season to rank.

No ones cares if you can’t win. I wanted to finish placements for DPS and Tank so I played 50 competitive games today for 13 hours and my w/l record is 10 wins/40 losses

Yes they did it. On the patch notes of the last patch they said that people that was stuck on low ranking was getting a boost to rank up so I think people that was normal before, now are ***** up. Matchmaking propably are beneficing these people.

Which I would agree with if my stats weren’t consistently better than the other supports in the lobby. Losing the majority of matches with above average stats suggests to me that the reason I’m losing is that my team mates are far below average, which is also confirmed by my observation of said team mates.

When a DPS can go an entire round without a single elimination while their mirror racks up 30+ then I’m sorry there’s obviously more going on than meets the eye.

You’ll be happy to know I’ve taken your advice and quit the game. Uninstalled, gone. Most people on my friends list had already given up on it due to similar reasons, most being support mains. Which if that’s anything to go by might explain the tank and dps queues getting longer by the day. 13 minutes for a tank before I closed it down for the final time.


Ah finally another poor soul that is getting garbage DPS. Glad I am not the only one who was getting this curse.

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Btw this was happening in just about 80%+ of my games. I may of gotten 1 or 2 games with decent DPS but majority had to be new players who didn’t know anything about OW or how DPS works.

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This. Usually dps have 5-7000 damage each. One of mine will have the same. The other will have 2000. Guess which team wins. Every. Damn. Time.

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So I had a match where the enemy team was destroying us. Complete curbstomp. I’m talking 40 picks per person for them. 10 picks overall for us. Instant Loss.

Next match their top pick DPS player was on the other side. He was getting picks but not even close to our side. Last match I had 2 picks. This match I had 30 picks.

He was the only one who did anything worthwhile. The rest of his team just fed our team’s ULT.

There is no smurfing issue. It’s 100% matchmaking. Matchmaker doesn’t know how to create games because instead of just creating a team using the SR numbers it grabs from a large ladder of players.

Bronze 5 bug made it even worse as everyone who knows the game vs the new players have the same rank.

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I am relieved that I am not the only one who is suffering from this MM dilemma. It’s a shame. OW1 was in a good place, at least for me, before they shut it down, OW2 killed the game for me. I uninstalled a week ago and I have no regrets from doing it. I don’t have that burning desire to go back to OW2 like I did for OW1. Nothing makes me want to go back to play it anymore.

The only way I’d ever return to OW2 is if they balanced out the heroes and did a complete overhaul to fix this unreal MM that seems to just stiff players. Sadly, i don’t foresee those two changes happening in the near future.

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Same. OW1 had it’s issues for sure, but I always came back. OW2 on the other hand is just too broken. It’s a complete waste of time. I don’t know what the solution was, but it certainly wasn’t doing nothing. When you have one player base who have years and 1,000s of hours experience in your game, and another who have a few days and half the hero roster locked. It’s not a good idea to throw them together in the same ranked ladder and expect the results to be anywhere near balanced. If anything it seems to be getting worse as well, not better. I don’t see it ending well for OW2 at all.


That’s so stupid the system should put you with comparable players instead it just throws around with no concern for anything and the 7 win or 22 lose just to move your rank what a f ing joke lol


It’s the Overbearing MMR in this game. It’s unethical and Blizzard should be sued for trying to pass this off as a competitive game.


I feel you I’ve lost 16 matches in a row now. WTH is going on? I was on huge winning streaks before this constantly. Now it’s like the game is forcing us to lose.


Any replay codes? I can quickly take a glance and see where things went wrong?

well there’s a reason. i’d share it. but admin has already abused their admin privileges. see how bitterness backfires? ppl want answers and i definitely have them. 25k matches played. since admins over reacted i’ll let admins provide the answers. which will probably be never.

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I’m really struggling today too, in QP I’m playing well and winning but as soon as I hit comp it’s a loss

If you have 50% win rate that means you are in your true rank. From here you have to get some tips to climb past Gold 1, like learn new techs, watch guides etc.