Calling all roadhog mains


Your primary fire is actually your secondary fire.

Left Click should only be used after hooks or when you’re otherwise literally as close as you can be to a target.

Maintaining optimal distance for Right Click to detonate directly in front of enemies should be your standard method of attack.


If you’re solo tank go Hammond not Hog, all you’re going to do is feed enemy ults.


To preface, I am not a Hog main but I am a tank flex and have played him enough to get him in my top five or so. So there are probably people here that have more time on him than me and know him better than I do.

The main thing is knowing when to pick him and knowing what to do as him.

For when to pick him, he works in deathball and bunker. If your main tank is a Reinhardt, then people will prefer Zarya, but Hog still works with him. And if the main tank is Orisa, then Orisa/Hog is a great tank combo. And since the meta is shifting to bunker, that tank combo will be your bread and butter. The tank combos there will either be Orisa/Hog for pure bunker or Orisa/D.Va if you want an off-tank that can contest point so the bunker doesn’t need to leave high ground so early.

So Hog is a staple pick for bunker comps, and works on deathball comps.

But if you are the only one tanking, then Hog isn’t the best pick. He’s best as the second tank. Whether the other tank is Reinhardt, Orisa, or even D.Va. Those are all tank combos that Hog has been in.

As for playing him, it’s really a mix of being right behind your main tank to break shields and help win the battle of attrition between the main tanks there, or moving to your supports to peel for them when they’re needed. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of two things:

  1. Work on your tank gamesense. Reading the enemy team’s frontline; reacting to what the enemy is giving you; following your main tank and trusting your gut, etc.

  2. Hitting your hook.

As an extension of that, knowing your optimal ranges. The hook itself is essentially a 20m “Property of Roadhog” zone. The better you can get at landing your hook, the more of a threat you’ll be. As it stands, people don’t think he’s good due to his lack of utility or shielding. His damage and the quick picks his hook can secure helps try to compensate for that. So you just need to put some practice in and get a feel for his hook until you get the hang of it. I try to maintain a 50%+ hook accuracy on him. So if you can land more than half your hooks, that’s good. Once you can do that consistently, then feel free to raise that goal to 60% and keep pushing what you can do with your hook.

Outside of your hook, his gun has two optimal ranges. One for his left click and one for his right click. I don’t know the exact ranges for them and I don’t want to put the wrong numbers here, but the range on his right click is further than his left click. I believe where his left click falloff starts is his right click’s optimal range, but again, I don’t know exactly what his ranges are so other than the “right click’s range picks up where left click ended” part, take this bit here with a grain of salt.


Pick another hero. Most tanks and/or dps does what what does but better nowadays, without feeding to the enemy team


The Grass on Illios Well is exactly 20m long, which is the same distance as your Hook.

Also personal preference I have Hook on my left mouse, thumbkey as Shotgun, and C as melee. Usually gets me great accuracy.

Also, Orisa with her Fortify is a free kill with your WholeHog.


IMO, don’t play hog if you need a tank, play hog if you want to fill a dps slot when you need survivability but even then it’s a situational pick based on comp and map.


Hit shields from a distance, like Orisa, with your secondary fire. Secondary works well at a distance. Even with Pharah. Make sure when you hook, you fire with left click, right in your enemies face. Many times it just kills. But always use left click then melee, while keeping your finger on “W”. I like Roadhog, he’s a beast.


One of the most picked in GM atm, but sure


This again lmao. I’ve been going around saying that hog is trash and I get met with this. This doesn’t mean anything. Just because he is the most picked because bunker is being used as a crutch comps doesn’t make him good. He’s still a free ult battery at all times with one useful ability that is easy to dodge. Yeah he is not in a great spot. People use GMs as the example of greatness and say “oh u said that’s bad? Buts it’s most picked in GM.” GMs aren’t good at all. T500? That’s good. Below that is a group of garbage players that still don’t know how to play the game. Hog is still a garbage hero that feeds ult harder than McDonalds feeds America’s obesity epidemic. That’s his biggest down side. If they gave a passive that reduced ult given by him then he would be a pretty solid pick, but rn if I see a instalock hog that isn’t t500 i insta avoid.


GM are objectively, the top 1% of the game. By no sane metric are they bad at the game. Elitism isn’t a good look.


Mentally prepare yourself to know that every single thing is going to hit you, period, no exceptions, enemy has an ana? youre getting slept, enemy has a mei? youre getting frozen, enemy has a cree? youre getting stunned, enemy has a roadhog aswell? youre getting hooked.

Also prepare for every flanker to use you as their personal ult battery


No. They are good compared to the rest of the player base, but I play with them everyday. They are not very good. They are like a diamond on a slight sugar buzz. They’re better, but still not very good. Too many mistakes still, that keep losing games. So they are bad, but they are above average. Just shows to show how bad the players below GM are. Elitism? Why? I’m just being honest, they aren’t very good.


Use your heal as a last minute means to heal yourself in a team fight and let your healers can charge off of you if you aren’t super low.

Step forward when you hook and melee after you shoot for one of the one shot combos. Don’t be afraid of missing hooks, take chances and you may just get rewarded.

If you have a support be their cover especially Mercy when she tries to rez you gotta put that big health bar to use.

Protect your teammates, even the DPS if you see a flanker in your backline or see someone gunning for one of your supports regardless of who it is hook them and force them to fight you so your teammate can get away.


They are objectively good. It is Elitism because ofc Top 500 are better, but they are still good players. At any given season a new top 500 player can come from GM. Some top 500 players will fall out to regular GM.

It’s like one group gets an A+ on a test and claims that people who got As are bad.

It’s as pure elitism as it gets.

GM is the top 1% of the playerbase. Very few people in the world could ever hope to be GM. Taking that away from them because they aren’t the top .05 is just ridiculous.

They are all good. There is no such thing as a GM bad at the game. They might be worse than top 500 but they are all good players. Objectively.


No, GM players are better players, but again they aren’t good at the game, they’re just better than everyone else. It’s more like everyone gets a D- and u get a C+ and the T500s get As and then pros get A+. A C+ isn’t good, but it’s much better. An A? That’s good. And ofc the t500s are better that’s how it works, but they’re just good at the game while GM’s are not.


They are better than 99% of the playerbase. A 99% is an A. Literally. They get an A. They are rare as hell.

Anyone of them can improve that last hurdle and become top 500. Or a meta may swing in their favor and then they are top 500.

They get As, top 500 A+, and pros are those students that get to teach the class.


Yes that’s how it works if ur thinking of School grade percentages, but on a scale of Overwatch and how good u are? Definite C+ to B (maximum).

Yep and if either of these happen that means they are equipped to be good enough at that time, but the meta could change or their skill could degrade and they just drop to GM again. I’m not trying to take away from the achievement. GM isn’t an easy feat and the grind is real. But getting it doesn’t mean ur actually good at the game yet. GM is the intro to actually getting good, like the previews of a movie. U hit GM and now the previews are over, let’s get into what we came here for.


The hook melee combo is nice to know. Can speed up some kills. Use your secondary fire at middle distance. It still dusts at longer ranges but middle distance is the sweet spot for the airburst. Use Whole hog at near point blank ranges to melt your enemies or if during overtime use it to force people off point


Only if you look at the game from an elitist point of view. Where the only people who matter are the pros and top 500s.

To get to GM you have to be good at the game. It’s from there you can become more than just a good hobbyist to someone capable of becoming a pro.

But top 500s and pros are not shaped from people bad at the game. They are shaped from people good at the game, who have the potential to be greats.

And you are absolutely taking away from their accomplishments when you sit there and say ridiculous stuff like GMs are not good just because they aren’t members of the elites yet.


Curious, do you also consider yourself trash at the game?