But... Demon hunter sombra


This. If I had known it wasn’t coming to the game, I’d have bought the BlizzCon Ticket in the first place. I held off because Blizzard themselves said it was coming.


Maybe she gets it for halloween


The problem is that it is now sorted as a Legacy skin normaly they don’t come back when they are Legacy.

What would really be one of the Worst moves they done till know.


I’ll hold off judgement till Dec 31st. It’s not like they can’t change that.


Basically means, buy Blizz con tickets get skin… (Which of course is BS.)


For now, I have updated my pinned Dev Post directory with the latest threads (including this one) for this outstanding question. I do believe there needs to be a response on this once and for all, however, it is still up to Blizzard if they choose to respond or not.


“Unlocked as part of the Blizzon 2018 in-game goodies” is what it says for the skin for anyone wondering.


wait there’s a new sombra skin!?

im so excited to get home


Likely be a week before we get a response… kinda a thing now


There is an epic Sombra skin, however they are concerned with the Demon Hunter Sombra which was a 2018 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket exclusive was suppose to eventually be released in 2019 however it is now listed as a Legacy item (meaning it will likely never return to distribution).


Yeah it’s an epic. It’s pretty good


Yep, I would have bought a Blizz Con ticket otherwise.


A new epic skin yes which looks beautiful with a golden gun IMO


Indeed. I obviously got it (because I attended BlizzCon) however back in November I post a very clear thread detailing this, but was still imploring everyone to get the virtual ticket.


We did get a voiceline of Sym going “So Dramatic” too…

…Wonder why that is.

But anyway… Going to play Rage 2, to get rid of a certain mode I am in.


And therein lies the problem - an explicit footnote made it sound as if it would appear later, but I bets its some nonsense tied to Diablo Immortal…


I would be happy for it to be tied to Diablo Immortal. I don’t care how I get it, I just want them to do what they say they will in their ads. Or at the bare, barest minimum offer explanation why not. It shouldn’t be too much to ask.


The reason why I didn’t buy the Blizzcon ticket was ecause they said the Skin would be made available at a later date, sometime in 2019. They teased us on the PTR with it, but as of yet, have made no further statement about it


It was retracted from the PTR because there was a huge backlash about the ticket and skin.

The skin was going for 1k on the PTR and people went crazy that it was only 1k and they bought the $60 ticket for this skin and it should only be available for the purchasers and yada yada.

It caused a controversy and I’m sure Blizzard is either trying to work a happy medium to fulfill their promise… or the skin is no longer going to be made available outside of the ticket.


They made it available at first (what I guess was a bug) and then they moved it to Legacy items and that Legacy status has transfered with the Workshop Update into the live server today.

Meaning currendly you can only see the Sombra skin if you activate the Filter “Legacy” or if you already have it.

Idk but all other Legacy skins are skins that are very very likely never return even tho I already have the skin I hope for all of you guys who don’t that it will be availble!
My hopes are just very low considering the currend situation and the silence from Blizz’s side