Building a revolutionary: An inside look at Ramattra with the hero design team

Building a revolutionary: An inside look at Ramattra with the hero design team

Ramattra is very special in the world of Overwatch, both as a playable hero, and as a character with a rich story—He's exceptional, and we’re so excited to share him with you.

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Well good luck…
Kinda scared Ramattra will be “too popular”, and Queue Time and Matchmaker issues will reach crisis levels.

Hopefully the dev team has been working on a batch of changes and incentives for Support players, as an early Christmas Gift.


Blizzard try not to post the same article twice challenge (impossible)


Pretty much,

Can’t do a revolution unless there more then one change.

Not all on Ram.

Hopefully we will see more tomorrow… but have doubt.

Umm… was there anything else? I was hoping this was going to be more in depth and not just a transcript of the video.

But at least the back vulnerability just seems to be like rein or genji and not like bastion.


Feast: We talk about huge support reworks with a bunch of changes tomorrow, with maybe a role rework.

Famine: We just get a few random “tiny” changes.

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K. Remove him and all future heros from the battlepass.


OWL skins update?

Maybe it is an elaborate setup for Ramattra holding the OWL skins hostage and there will be a PVE event where we “free” our OWL rewards?

Yeah… That is a likely no.

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So, uh, I guess they tested the on-demand power block ability and decided it was good enough to give to a whole new hero?

RIP Doomfist.


Well “Famine” would be soon followed by “Shoot first, ask questions later” large-scale balance patching.


To be fair Ram was from the likely original villain concept.

aka: Anubis

Then they realized an Omnic ruling Eqypt faction didn’t work out.

So they expanded on Talon and Doomfist…

But then that storyline fell in on itself (to make it short)

So Null Factor and eventually (half a decade later) Ram would enter.

This line of thinking would explain all Blizz legal troubles.

Maybe they should put him at level 80.

Honestly at this point it would not surprise me, if other heroes get somehow locked in the battlepass at certain levels.

well im not going to be another debbie downer here im totally looking forward to him coming out, i think hes going be great for my play style personally

Actual shot in the dark here but dear devs:

Could you explain your logic and reasoning around making him anti-air tank? Just a good old “dev notes” paragraph like on update notes.

Step 1: Make OP hero

Step 2: put in battle pass

Step 3: hope a lot of people dont have time to unlock said hero in said battle pass

Step 4: Profit!

lol sorry im just on one with busting on Blizzard right now. They deserve it lol


true, even if they did put him at a higher tier people would just buy the bundles.

thats blizzard`s way to do things yep