Bugs with brigitte's shield


When brigitte’s shield is broken, it doesn’t regenerate in ptr


yeah just tried in Practice! the shield doesnt shatter at 0 HP but brig still get dmg…and it doesnt regenerate anymore.


Yeah, it also doesn’t return when you respawn. Swapping characters brings it back.

The shield can visually come up but doesn’t block damage.

Here are some pictures:

(Chris Avina) #4

Thanks for the report. Please let us know if this issue happens again after our most recent PTR patch update.


Can we also get the corners of the shield to clip correctly? It has been bugging me for a few months now.


I don’t want to bug the Devs but I found another Brig Shield bug and no one has addressed it yet. I made a topic about how when on fire from Ashe’s Dyanmite the shield becomes opaque(non-see through), something that doesn’t happen w/other shields. This is an issue in LIVE SERVERS. Has there been any progress on this?


I hope there is progress, it looks like a disgusting murky color


i’ve seen that a few times. I never made the connection between Ashe’s dynamite and the shield no longer being see through.