Bugged Ranked Progression

Hi everyone, console player (Xbox)

I’m having a weird experience with my ranked games, I’ll try to explain it the best I can, english isn’t my native language.

Long story short, it seems that my ranked progression gets reset every now and then without a clear explanation (at least the game isn’t very clear to me).

I’m not that good but I really enjoy playing ranked, rn my rank is Platinum 4 and last time I played I was almost done filling the progression bar, close to be Platinum 3, unfortunately after 3 games (which my teams and I managed to win), the bar went all the way down as if I just reached Platinum 4:

Firs game it gave me 1% (disappointing if you ask me), and the bar filled up
Second game, gave me 14% (again, it filled up so at this point I was really confused)
Third game, gave me 17% BUT, the bar was all the way down as if I deranked to Platinum 5 and I was starting to rank up on Platinum 4.

Hope someone can read this and help me understand what’s happening, I got clips from all of this and a screenshot about the games that I mention.


I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I think I’ve noticed what you’re experiencing. Sometimes (close to after ranking up) the progression bar will look like it’s 90% full despite me knowing I just ranked up the game before). If I look at the percentage it will say 8% progress to next rank. Therefore, the bar and percentage aren’t lining up. I think it’s a visual bug.


Same here. I’ve been stuck in Bronze because whenever I’m supposed to advance it puts me back in 3

Same for me. I’ve ’ranked Up’ out of gold five like 3 times now but only after 15+ wins did I get up to gold 4

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It don’t think its a visual bug. I experienced the same thing on PC. I was half way the level, won 3 games (then the bar was full) won another game, and got back to the beginning of the bar. And this already happend 3 times now on the same rank…

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I have the same problem here, today I had diamond 2 practically with the bar full to go to diamond 1, I won one and it ended up not going up, even though I gained the necessary percentage, then I won another and it went back to where it was before the last victory and I had also achieved the necessary percentage and it didn’t go up, then again I won another game and simply reset the bar to before half of diamond 2.

Im having the same issue (xbox) where im having enough XP to rank up & then I reset back to the rank I was originally at… This has happened to me countless times no matter the role I am playing.

Interesting, I wonder what’s causing the bug!

i have the same problem, ive been stuck in diamond2 now. i dont know what to do, ive tried contacting blizzard but i cant find anywhere to directly contact them. like its pointless trying to play bc it just reset’s whenever im supposed to rank up and its been like this the whole season so far

i have the same issue(pc) i hit Diamond 1, 100% but it didn’t rank up, it just reset me to Diamond 2 again.

its so annoying, its been like this for me the whole season

Thanks everyone for sharing your experience, it seems like a lot of players from multiple platforms are having the same issue

Hope this gets noticed soon enough, it makes ranking kinda pointless at the moment knowing it’s gonna reset your progression bar.

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Check this thread out guys think it apples to you all

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Yes it’s bugged. Sorry.