Bug wont let me move, then kick me for inactivity

Something seemed off from the moment i joined comp que. In skirmish, some sound effects wouldnt play, and when they did they were delayed. When the match started, it stayed on the “travelling to nepal” screen for an abnormally long time (also worth pointing out I was the only one on my team over level 100, the others had levels ranging from 2-500. Thanks matchmaking system) I got a message saying that I would get kicked soon, despite the match still apparently loading. I ended up getting a 2 hour ban for inactivity despite not even being able to move. Thanks Blizzard

The symptoms that you described are very likely a connection issue. Please note, this can be caused by something between you and the game server, and not necessarily your own equipment (especially if you don’t disconnect from the internet). Please remember to avoid Competitive Play when you see problems like this until you take time to troubleshoot the issue and test throughly in a non-Competitive mode. Penalties cannot be reversed.

Please try these troubleshooting steps first. If nothing helps please seek help in the technical support forum for further assistance.