[BUG] Payload stuck on Havana second point


Just played a game (quick play) on Havana. When we reached the gate on point 2, the gate was open. After reaching the point, the gate lowered through the ceiling, halfway into the floor. When we pushed the payload, it got stuck on the gate. we couldn’t push it any further.

screenshot at
i.imgur com/6IalTyi.jpg


Lmao just played a game where we got this same bug. Can confirm.

Havana second point payload door bug

Same thing happened to me. Defenders could contest but attackers weren’t registering on the payload at all.


same bug here i recorded a video for you devs :


Just got the same. Gets stuck on the door I guess. Unless it has something to do with me as D.va meching and dieing on point after it was capped.


I’m guessing the devs know what’s up since this seems to be easily reproducible, but here’s another video of the bug occurring: https://youtu.be/inOwZstEXcA