[Bug] Orisa's reload animation


While testing out the Orisa’s shield-while-reloading change in the practice range, I noticed that her reload animation is off somewhat. Her weapon appears to be rotated to the right quite a bit, but if you jump or fall from high ground while reloading the animation returns to normal. This bug happened about 70-80% of the times that I tested the reload with no specific reason for it to do so. I have uploaded a clip of this animation bug to youtube; link below.

(EDIT) Here is a clip of Orisa’s reload animation on live servers, for reference. As you can see, her weapon does not rotate like on the PTR.


I don’t understand. That’s how her reload animation has always been. Her weapon always rotates like that when she reloads.


I recently just edited my post to include a clip of Orisa’s animation on live servers. As you can see there is a major difference in how the animation behaves, it does not rotate as extremely as it does on the PTR currently.


hmmmm I dont mind the different visual as long as it doesn’t affect her reload time. :woman_shrugging: