Bug on loot box opening and NOT receiving the skin that came out

Ever since i installed last update loot boxes zoom in when opened, then zoom out a little and allows me to see what i got, i didnt thought it was much of a problem so i didnt reported, till now , cuzz i just opened a loot box and the new zenyatta skin appeared on 4th place from left to right! I was pretty excited and went to equip it , but it appears that I DONT HAVE IT! EVEN THOUGH IT JUST CAME OUT OF THE LOOT BOX!


Same here, I got the skin twice from two loot boxes but it didn’t unlock the skin for me.

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I posted on the general forum and a guy said its been reported by some other guys too, hope theyll fix it soon !

I saw the Zen skin also, but had 4 other junk items in the lootbox. I figured it was an accidental tease. This “zoom bug” within lootboxes seems to have the common feature of falsely showing the new Zenyatta skin as an unclickable 5th item, effectively.

I only had 4 items in my loot box and it showed the zen skin as well third to the right, I was PISSED.

I didn’t notice not getting a skin, but did notice not getting a voice line I had just gotten from a loot box. I would keep an eye on all the loot you get in boxes just in case, minus the duplicates of course.

Yes, the tease of legendary skin loot just beyond your grasp is particularly nasty. I kept thinking of the end of the Indiana Jones Last Crusade film where they kept reaching for the Holy Grail that was just a fingernail’s length away…


I have had it happen in like I feel maybe 60% of my boxes. I do not have the Zen skin. The Zen skin that is showing hasn’t come from the box though it’s an extra thing on the end. There are 4 boxes that open and then the Zen skin as a 5th thing just sitting at the end.

yes after getting the skin with the yellow base under, everytime you open a new loot box ull see the skin as a fifth item, this time without the base.

They know it’s happening. It’s also in the Known Issues thread at the top of the forum.

It also does it occasionally when trying to preview hero skins.

This happened to me too.
I got a double legendary box with Orbital Pharah in slot 2 and Huitzilopochchtli Zenyatta in slot 4.
The Pharah skin unlocked correctly but the Zenyatta skin is still locked.

You didn’t receive the skin then, you probably saw the wallpaper moving past, as the post I linked explains.

i didnt have the zoom happen and i did not receive the skin

Same bug happened to me with the new zen skin, i clearly saw the gold token and zen appeared over the golden base, still no skin… FIX pls