Bug: Cannot ping objective/payload in some situations

Bug: In situations where there are enemies or other ping-able entities near the objective/payload, player cannot ping objective/payload even when aiming directly at the objective marker.

In Overwatch 1 the only ping you can make is to use the “Acknowledge” key (unintuitive to new players) at the payload. However, if there’s one thing Overwatch 1’s rudimentary system does and does well is that I can flick to the general direction of the payload and it will reliably ping it through walls and play the appropriate “push/stop the payload” voice line. It has prevented countless C9s for me and my teams. In Overwatch 2 I tried to do the same but for many, many times it insisted on pinging an enemy tracer or a junkrat trap instead.

At first I thought this was an aim issue. The general rule in Overwatch is that lock-on abilities (nano boost, tac visor, zarya bubble etc.) will always choose the target closest to your crosshair. However, in my testing I soon encountered instances where I deliberately stood still, took the time to put my crosshair at the dead center of the payload marker with nothing in between, and the game still insisted on pinging an enemy who’s no where near the center of my screen.

Please Blizzard consider the following solutions.

* Yelling “C9!/Point!/Cart!” in voice chat is obviously fast, effective, and can be used while respawning. But not everyone joins voice chat and pinging the objective in-game is often the only way to reach all of your teammates.

Option 1: Restore “Acknowledge”'s functionality to ping objective/payload

  • The exact same behavior existed in Overwatch 1, so hopefully it should not be too difficult to reimplement. The downside is it is not as intuitive to new players. Players who have played Overwatch 1 will of course know how to use it, and with time new players can learn it too.

Option 2: Determine ping priority based on distance to crosshair

  • It will still be a downgrade compared to Overwatch 1, where you only need to flick to the general direction of the payload. Needing to aim precisely will feel like a hassle especially in the middle of team fights.

Option 3: Prioritize objective pings over other pings

  • This should be the easiest to implement since some sort of ping prioritization already exists (see above, enemy pings are clearly being prioritized over objective pings), it will probably only take some number tweaking to elevate objective pings. The downside is it will obviously cause more inadvertent objective pings.

Option 4: Add a new “Objective” comm option

  • If you listen to Overwatch League pros’ comms during games, what do they say when they’re able to C9? They just yell “C9! C9! C9!”. So clearly, just mentioning the objectives convey enough information to be actionable in-game.

  • This option will be a Quality-of-Life improvement because you don’t have to look at the objective in order to use it, since C9s are most often noticed while glancing at the progress bar instead of the payload itself. It will also not require any UX change if Blizzard decides to allow players to ping objectives while they are respawning.

  • The downside is what should happen if modes with multiple objectives active at the same time are introduced. Unless Overwatch’s design philosophy is drastically altered (in the context of discussing potential replacements for the Assault game mode, the devs have talked about the issues with multiple active objectives), this will be limited to Arcade (Capture-the-Flag is currently the only one) and PvE. Moreover, even in those Arcade/PvE modes this “Objective” comm can be adapted so that depending on which direction you are looking at it will ping the different objectives.

tl;dr In a game where objectives can cause you to win or lose in an instant (not to mention C9 is even more likely in Overwatch 2 due to having one less player on your team and other changes), there should be a way to consistently ping the objective/payload even when there are enemies near it.


Yes i’m so tired of wanting to ping something, and then a player is in the way who said “Heal me” or something.
So instead of saying “attack the objective!” i end up saying “come to me for healing!”. Very annoying.

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I play a lot of soldier and when I need healing I’ll press [x], but because soldier has an ability that heals teammates, he’s likely to say “come to me for healing” rather than my intended “I need healing!”

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Blizzard please fix this ASAP. I just had a frustrating game my entire team was missing the payload that was advancing and I couldn’t call it out like I have for six years in OW1.