Buffs that'll help reaper without the dreaded rework

Just want to start a discussion on what you think could fix reaper without the the fear that a rework tends to bring.

My ideas;

Change damage from 20 pellets that do 7 damage, to 13 pellets that deal 11 damage. This would make him more effective against armor. Of course damage falloff would have to be adjusted etc. But it would make him more effective against armor without buffing his overall damage (only 3 extra damage)

Speed up animation for shadowstep by 30-50%

Remove headshot hitbox during deathblossom, but increase hitbox by 15-20%, to stop being oneshot during ult, but make him more susceptible to stun or damage.

And maybe the most extreme idea.

Wraith form on resource meter. Obviously with a longer cooldown than d.va 1 second, maybe 3 second total wraith with a 3 second between each. Remove reload mechanic? I dunno if it would be possible to balance or not, probably be really op lol

Anyway, what ideas do you think Reaper could be given?


So buffing Brigitte?

Your overall idea on paper sounds great and it would probably work good in-game, but making him even MORE susceptible to CC, makes his ultimate even worse, since it’s so prevalent more then Headshots. Half of the time, he doesn’t get one shot, but focused, so it seems like it’s a 1 shot, but really, it’s just a quick focus fire.

Well it wouldnt change him much from what he is rgarding brig, more or a buff to mccree stun as he can be further away and and the stun. Brig would get the stun anyway

His ultimate doesn’t need to be touched, and he doesn’t need to do more damage. What he absolutely needs is a buff to Shadowstep because it is atrocious.

Also, a buff to his shotgun spread is also reasonable given that they saw how bad Doomfist’s shotgun was and said “Well, he’s not a shotgun hero, but he needs a better shotgun anyways” then they saw Torbjorn and decided they needed to give him one of the best shotguns in the game as well.

As for shadowstep:

Doomfist shot gun had damage lowered and more pellets added. Im suggesting the opposite for reaper to make him better against armor. Not increase the damage overall. I agree though, ult change is probably unnecessary

I love the ideas, but I am not opposed to a rework, and honestly, this vaguely sounds like a rework. But I am cool with that. I rest my case.

They could make his weapon spread static instead of dynamic. Currently his effective range (where all pellets will connect on the target) is 3-5m for squishies and 5-7m for tanks. His actual pellet spread is atrocious. It excedes his default reticle if you’re more than 5m away. The same applies to hog and torb (see the trend?). Take D. Va for example; her weapons have a fixed spread. They will not shoot outside of their cone no matter how far away you are. Reaper, however, shoots outside of the cone after ~5m, guaranteeing his shots are not as effective or consistent.

Also, buff shadowstep by speeding up the animation.


I wanted to keep the existing abilities and tweak them rather than change/add things. Thats what i meant

You do realise that this means he would a whole 8 more damage against armor right? I don’t know, it sounds too overpowered to me.

Hes supposed to be anti tank. Armor counters that. His damage is the same, armor just doesnt reduce it

Shadowstep changes would be welcome. I’ve always advocated for a nigh instant initial tele, but keep the same load time at the back end of it so it can be used mid battle when wraith is down or has been used for a quick reload/to avoid CC. Lower the voice line a bit more as well.

As others have said, I think a fixed shotgun spread would be really helpful. Your proposed idea would probably be a step in the right direction as well. Could maybe even add 2 more rounds total?

Not sure about wraith on a meter. I really like where wraith is currently. I think it’s one of the better abilities in the game and is great for its multiple uses.

As others and I have suggested elsewhere, I think smoke grenades on his alt fire could be useful. Possibly even add a benefit to Reaper while he’s in them I.E. ignore armor when in or firing through smoke. Or more life leach when in or firing through smoke. Or possibly even make the smoke slow enemies when they’re in it. Put it on a 13 or so second cooldown. Maybe more.

I really do think he should avoid a rework. I think he just needs tweaking. I don’t think he’ll ever be meta defining, but more overall usefulness would be much appreciated

I wouldnt mind giving him smoke grenades for right click. Your team can still see enemies in the smoke

It would make his ultimate nearly useless. That’s why it’s really hard to get a 5K in many circumstances, since he’s ultimate is literally his health remaining and not protected by anything. He’s ultimate is not ok right now, because it’s susceptible to every single type of output in the game, and he has nothing in protection.

Plus, the vertical/horizontal movement on his ultimate is literally super slow. It’s super easy to dodge.

Armor works by halving any damage that’s 10 and below or reducing each shot by 5 if it’s 11 or over so currently reaper shoots 20 pellets at 7 damage each meaning against armor he does 70 damage. (7/2)=3.5x20=70

What you are proposing makes him shoot 13 pellets at 11 damage each meaning after your change he now does 78 per shot. 11-5x13=78

So you have increased his damage by 8 per shot against armor.

Yes, against armor, which most tanks have. And would make him useful against tank heavy or goats comps. His base damage is basically the same, but he basically ignores the benefits armor provides

I believe his point was that the difference would be negligible. In order to basically ignore armor, he would need to fire slugs.

Which honestly I would rather he do. Slugs with very short falloff: all the benefits of armor penetration, no extra effective range, but penalized by requiring better aim.

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A lot of us aren’t actually opposed to a possible rework due to just the stale nature of his character despite of all the potential he could have.

Let’s pretend that they buffed Shadow step, wasn’t ungodly slow. What then? There is so much damn CC in this game, where I don’t think even wraith form will save him. Shadow step still doesn’t change the fact that his Shot gun spread is so weak especially on non-tanks and encouraging a DPS to “not shoot at that Moira whom with the help of Ana grenade is going to outheal your damage” seems pretty trash.

And then I sound like a broken record, but even if you buffed his shadowstep, would it still make him a fun character with the most basic abilities? Nah, I don’t think so. Deathblossom is probably his most fun ability but it’s one of the easiest DPS ultimates to shut down due to the nature of him having to be in the thick of the team.

How could 8 more damage per shot possibly help against armor!?

Per pellet? 8x11? Instead if 70 damage to armor, hed do 143. Am I talking about something different to you?