Buff Shield Bash + Add Brigitte Skill

I just made this post in General for some discussion and I suppose I should post it here as well.

I dont want the team to over nerf Brigitte. I dont want her to get the Doomfist treatment. I just got gold for Brigitte, finally completing my “gold for all healers” quest.

So…since people have such an issue with Shield Bash why don’t we just buff it and not nerf it?

Shield Bash

  • Cooldown decreased from 6 to 4 seconds
  • Shield Bash no longer stuns, but instead creates a knockback around 7-10 meters

Then we can add a unique skill shot to Brigitte by changing how Whip Shot works

Whip Shot

  • Cooldown increased from 4 to 6 seconds
  • Damage increased from 70 to 80
  • Range decreased from 20 to 16 12 meters
  • edit: Casting animation increased by 50%
  • Whip Shot no longer creates a knockback, instead stuns the target for 1 second

Brigitte would become even more unique because now we have a really good ranged stun with damage AND it will take skill and aim to actually land it.

And also…because I really feel like Repair Pack is SUPER long…(I know its really strong) but…

Repair Pack

  • Cooldown decreased from 6 to 5 seconds

Note: If that is too strong, maybe make the heal of 150 at 88 110 heals per second so it’s not instant heal anymore?

Im trying to make Brigitte more fun to play against and give her some more skill at the same time.



I could get behind this. Brig’s shield bash can stun literally anyone through a barrier, but her whip shot wouldn’t be able to do that. Would feel much more skilled to pull off. My only concern is the length of whip shot, it already extends quite far and very skilled players could shut down entire ult combos and just destroy heroes like Tracer, Genji, Reaper and Pharah during their ults, Tank ults like whole hog and shatter…
all of these could easily be stopped from a safe distance, since heroes have to remain relatively still while the ults are channeling. Players think that Shield Bash is annoying or OP? yikes.
I’d reduce whip shot to 5-10 meters at the most before even considering this.

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I see where you are coming from but think about Sleep Dart. It can do the exact same thing with unlimited range.

Because Whip Shot has a shorter cooldown and actually does some damage, I wouldn’t be against reducing the range, however I dont think it should be any less then 12 meters.

Blizz do this please

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Brigitte is build around being a strong melee character that protects the backlines from being dived and excels in close-range combat.

This changes her kit and doesn’t make it centered around that theme, no thanks.

I’ll take a hard pass on these changes.


Nothing is removed from her kit so youre wrong. Her theme is still the same.

The only thing that changes is how they are delivered.

Brigitte can still take care of the back line.

A 4 second boop with a 600 HP shield and a 6 second 80 damage stun is more than enough tools to do her job

No, the stun is on shield bash because it’s supposed to help protect allies while stunning them so they can’t hurt the people you’re trying to defend…

I didn’t say anything was removed either, I said her theme was changed, and it is. She goes from being a backline defender to ranged stunner that is held down by this stun, and it’s not healthy.

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The current PTR Brigitte nerf is the wrong one.
The devs have a history of bad balance choices:


…to name a few.

What I have suggested is better and the devs should consider changing Brigitte to a skill based stun hero with consistent knockback

This literally just makes her a worse Roadhog. Swapping whip shot and shield bash won’t work how you think it will, wish people would stop suggesting it. She wouldn’t be able to stun through shields (which is a HUGE problem against Winston, who she’s supposed to counter), wouldn’t be able to stun through deflect, would have an even harder time stunning Genji/Tracer (who she’s also supposed to counter) than Roadhog already does. The whole point of Brigitte was supposed to be to counter dive and flankers, and this would make her no better at it than any of the pre-existing roster (who clearly couldn’t do it well enough).


And IMO, this entire sentence is wrong.

Overwatch should NOT be creating heroes with the sole purpose of countering other heroes. This makes a super lame hero and ends up creating more problems than it solves. As we’ve seen with Doomfist and Brigitte.

I believe in creating certain heroes to fit certain roles. Like we needed more healers and got Moira. We needed a tank and got Orisa. We need another tank now. So sure… go ahead and create another tank to fill that void, but do not create a tank with a specific purpose in mind because then you are limiting yourself to what that hero can do.

This is why I think Ana was the best hero release. She was released because we needed another healer and was created for people that like to aim/snipe while healing. She wasn’t created to counter a specific hero.

New heroes should give you opportunities to balance and tweak the game to accommodate every other hero but when you create someone like Brigitte with abilities aimed at one purpose, you end up creating this super flat 1 dimensional hero that can only be balanced a certain way because she is only good at that one thing.

This is super bad for the direction of the game and it should worry you. We need to change Brigitte in the way I suggested because it actually is a HUGE buff to Brigitte.

It adds a level of skill to her but more importantly it opens up new gameplay opportunities to do different things.

We already have a game full of counters to dive. The problem is that the counters to dive are now much weaker than they have ever been and that indirectly buffs dive which is why dive is so strong.

Why is dive strong? Mobility.
Do we have a anti mobility, CC hero? Yes. Mei
Is Mei any good? No
Do we have any good one shot combos? Yes. Doomfist
Is Doomfist any good? LUL. No.

In Doomfists intro video, he is literally countering dive which is so ironic. Doomfist was so good against those heroes… and then they nerfed him to the ground before he even made it out of the PTR

Roadhog was also nerfed giving more power to flankers and Mei has never been anywhere near as useful as she should be because people dont like being frozen.

If the rest of the cast was balanced the way they should be, then the changes Ive suggested to Brigitte would be perfect because you would run those other heroes to help counter a certain type of comp.

Also… I dont think any stuns should go through shields. The more things you let pass through shields, the weaker shields become. Shields need to be buffed so they actually block simple things like melee. Actually, I think the only ability that Doomfist has that should be able to go through shields is Rocket Punch and nothing else.

Overwatch was designed around the concept of players swapping heroes as the situation demands.

This means that the game was designed with the need for characters to counter certain characters otherwise only the characters with the best kit will ever be used. Case in point: Tracer. Pre-rework Lucio. S2/3 Ana.

Why run Mercy, when every 10 seconds you got 5 seconds of ult grade healing on a normal cooldown? Added bonus you eliminated enemy healing. Why run any other support as the off-support when Lucio gave your team a 30% speed boost in a 30m radius, or could heal the entire team in that area? Why not use Tracer?

Brigitte was released with the intent of countering dive, while being countered by range. She could protect the backline, but the enemy midline could tear her apart if she went on the offensive too much.

Thus if you see the enemy run dive, you run brigitte. The enemy should then swap to counter brigitte to get her to swap off and thus enable themselves to go dive. Upholding the design intent of Overwatch.

I agree with you. Ana Grenade needed to be changed. Satellite Lucio needed to be changed. Brigitte needs to be changed. Tracer is still the best pick in almost every situation and really needs a nerf.

(Just look at her pick/win rates over the past week and 6 months. And we all know how the devs feel about stats)

I agree that swapping heroes to counter other heroes is a thing. I agree that Brigitte should be good at taking down Tracer and Genji. I agree Brigitte should be strong against dive. I agree you need certain heroes to counter other heroes.

But that isn’t my issue. My issue is when you create a hero with only 1 core goal. This crushes the hero. She should be strongest when countering dive, sure, but you shouldn’t limit her to only that. Brigitte shouldn’t only be used in 1 situation.

This argument also applies to Tracer on the flip side. Tracer shouldn’t be as good as she is in almost every situation.

Take McCree for example. He is really strong at countering Pharah or flankers, but he isn’t JUST limited to that. He is very good at being a burst, ranged damage dealer. Because McCree has some versatility in his kit.

My argument is that every single hero should have some versatility to their kit giving the hero dynamic game play while also still being strong at one thing and weak at other things and all the while, still making sure that the hero is most importantly: fun to play!

There needs to be a…wait for it…


This is what Overwatch is lacking the most. Balance.

And as people have found, Brigitte is not just good against dive.

She does enable Reinhardt, and the F-tier heroes. Both alongside her, and against her.

Brigitte’s core goal may be to counter dive but a melee range stun and team wide armor allows her to make her team more durable, and be a really good bodyguard against some character’s counters.

For instance, Brigitte can help tanks like Reinhardt and Zarya stand up to close range tank counters like Reaper and Mei. Her ult armor allows DPS and supports alike to survive sniper headshots. Her ult armor also stacks wonderfully with Torbjorn’s armor kits, and helps shield health heroes like Zen, Zarya, and Symmetra be more durable at their jobs.

You can make her work outside of countering dive, so long as her own counters are not allowed to run rampant on her.