Buff Shadowstep not lifesteal


I actually really like the patch changes, but as far as Reaper goes I have a better suggestion.

Instead of buffing lifesteal, buff Shadowstep, make it a 1 second casting time instead of 2.5. This will increase the skill level of Reaper, so that he is better in higher elo, while not buffing him in lower elo to much.

The problem with the current buff / patch, is you make him to good for lower elo and really don’t add any extra skill or enjoyment to him. Shadow Step right now, is not that fun of a mechanic and I think reducing the casting time, or reworking shadow step, would be a strong move in the right direction.

As far as the other changes, I am not really worried, certain characters that have armor also have machine guns and so even though it nerfs them it increases their damage output.

Just my thoughts.


I agree, but I have a different opinion on how it should change;

Basically rework it to function like Meteor Strike with a 1 - 2 second casting time.

So what happen is you run for cover, pop the ability as soon as you’re out of line of sight, and then pick a place to re-form. This also means you can step around corners and not worry about the finicky targeting system.


Watch this https://youtu.be/kqCQpRaKAzE

As far as shadowstep, shouldn’t be an escape ability, instead offensive. Could be with 3 charges like in his animations where he teleports.
Either way these patches should be increasing the skill level required for higher elos while still giving them basic functionality for lower elos. So doing something like this would do that.

The rally Nerf is great, but give brig some healing or better armor giving even if you reduce damage.

PS. After watching that video. I will laugh if someone with reaper loses a game and says support healing was awful I got gold healing as reaper!



Why not make shadowstep work like wow rogue shadowstep? Targets the player at distance and instantly teleports behind them

That would provide a means to quickly get into battle while retaining his escape option


Because what we really want is tracer with 2 shotguns.


They’re quite different, actually.

You port behind the target wherever they are as long as you have Line of Sight, not blink short distances in the direction you move horizontally.

It would have much longer range and a longer cool down to go with it.

Lastly, mage blink =/= rogue shadowstep


Eventhough I like the idea, I’m afraid it would be overly frustrating to be at the receiving end. Reaper does a ton of damage from a short range and teleporting behind an enemy would basically make him as frustrating as Doomfists Rocketpunch. You would TP and 1 hit squishies all the time


Can definitely understand that

If the mobility could be addressed, damage output or self heal could be balanced accordingly to make it viable.

Could also make the shadowstep arrival sound for the target significant enough so they can take evasive action


Giving Reaper, who does even more than Tracer up close, a midfight mobility option seems pretty bad. I’d put lifesteal at 30, go with puppetsquid’s awesome idea (I’m getting a visual of him shooting in and out of the sky like a Death Eater with the smoke), and give him a weakish grenade/rocket launcher on his M2 to fit with the animated short and give him a form of long range damage (Every other short range hero has a form of long range damage - Icicle, whip shot, firestrike, energy ball, zarya blobs)


Range buff and targeting improvements is what would really help.