Buff Moira right click plz

I’m a Moira one trick that’s been trying to get back into overwatch with Overwatch 2, and Moira’s autolock has been significantly weakened. As an older gamer keeping up with all the teleportation was only possible for me with Moira’s auto aim assist with the lock on how it use to be.

Please no.
20 tik tok moira characters.

I do think a buff to Grasps cone angle is warranted, but maybe a little nerf to her resource Regen to compensate.
There was a patch that weakened her self-heal from Grasp from 30 to 20 hp/s, and a patch that nerfed her cone angle by 37%, while also increasing her resource Regen by 50% I think it was.

I think her current Grasp is a bit underpowered as far as combat goes.

No thanks.
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I could be happy with a compromise with an even smaller cone but higher damage.

That way it would require better mechanical skill to maintain a lock-on and the reward for such would be better.

I say this playing moira regularly when neccessary but i dont main her.

Right now she’s very much an ego/flex character which can accumulate high elims, assists, healing and damage for low mechanical skill.