Buff Moira because she needs it!

It’s literally a buff. It’s better.

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Why does she need one though?

But… GOATS started a while after that…

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No, no it didn’t. GOATS first appeared in late May, when the team it’s named after used it to beat the best NA Contenders team, Fusion University, whilst still in the Open Division. The first time it was used in Tier 1 play was for OWL Stage 4, when Dallas Fuel abused how quickly Mickie had picked up Brig to fly above their stations and make the Stage playoffs just 1 stage after going 1-9.

The support changes, which included the removal of Moira healing through barriers and the Nanoboost buff, happened late in the Summer. The first time that patch was used in Tier 1 play was for the Los Angeles OWWC group. All tier 1 GOATS prior to this point used Moira as the 3rd healer, alongside Brig and Lucio. It was not until the Los Angeles OWWC group that Ana replaced her, though Ana GOATS had been used in Contenders playoffs over the preceding couple of weeks (the patch came a couple of days before the Incheon group, which was as a result played on the previous patch).

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It’s also worth noting that whilst Moira having healing through barriers made it the superior choice at the time, it was never the certain meta. In Stage 4, multiple comps were all viable at the same time, including GOATS. In the Season playoffs there was that short lived Double Sniper, Single Support comp, which seemed custom made to counter Jjonak by keeping him off both Zen and Ana. And then in the OWWC Incheon group it was Dive’s last hurrah, with GOATS mainly being used by the weaker sides. This is because whilst Moira GOATS providing better healing, it was also weaker against Pharah, so was easier to counter. When Ana took her spot, Pharah fell away for a bit, making it the meta comp.

Ok I will admit I didnt realize it was that old, thought it was a bit younger, so you’re right the nerf did come after goats was formed… a month after in the June 5th ptr patch and went live in the the June 26th patch a little over a month before the support patch

However something I find interesting is that if you look in that live patch notes, it has no mention of this bug fix at all, in any patch since her release, and its only mentioned in the ptr patch notes… which is… weird to say the least… But still Ana did not take Moira’s place until after the support changes that gave her the 300 burst heal.

Ok it seems I forgot that it was in a dropdown box the bug fix was mentioned in the june 26th patch

My apologies, you are correct, I didn’t realise the change was as early as it was, I thought it was in the same patch as the support changes. The timeline honestly makes more sense now though with this revelation, so let’s plug it in:

This helps to explain why the single support meta appeared out of nowhere. No version of GOATS was viable at Tier 1 in that period of time, and Brig being there prevented Dive, so Double Sniper held control. Still doesn’t explain the single support though. I’ll double check the Incheon group to try and remember exactly what the meta was.

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It’s patch, in the bug fixes section.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Moira’s Biotic Grasp to heal targets behind an enemy barrier
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yep I noticed that I never really use the first 2 pages of the patch notes website so I forgot they had those drop downs

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i think moira needs more resource on her healing meter she just depletes way to fast

and revert this period

I’d love love love for Moira to receive some sort of buff but I don’t know how you could buff her.

I actually don’t really agree with decreasing Fade’s cool down. It’s arguably the best escape in the game and as a Moira main I don’t really have issues using it wisely and never being caught.

Additionally they did buff the rate at which her biotic grasp healing resource regenerates when not leeching off enemies so…

What else could they actually change about her?

The only things that come to mind are:

• Can use biotic grasp healing spray through barriers again

• Resource gained when leeching from enemies increased

• Biotic Orb cooldown decreased by 1 second

Ngl I think that allowing her to heal through barriers again would be a massive quality of life change and allow her to work better in more compositions but I get it Blizzard just doesn’t revert changes.
I wouldn’t mind an additional buff to regaining resources by leeching since they already buffed your resource gain when you’re not leeching so I feel like that would be the next most logical buff.

Also, maybe decreasing the cool down of orb by 1 second but 1 second only. Orb is a really powerful move and I’m not sure if this would be as detrimental in buffing as Fade would be.

Regardless, any kind of change would help her. I doubt people would suddenly start picking her over Ana though. Ana is the undisputed support queen atm

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I think Moira is one the most balanced heroes. It’s better left her untouched than broken with unnecessary changes.

Okay I’ve split the Incheon group into 2 sub-groups:

  • Tier 1 teams = South Korea, Finland, Russia
  • Tier 2/3 teams = Japan, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong

First, here’s the top 10most played of the 2 groups:

Tier 1

  • Zen = 09:36:44
  • Mercy = 09:23:44
  • Dva = 09:15:57
  • Winston = 05:56:29
  • Widow = 05:51:07
  • Rein = 03:39:44
  • Hanzo = 03:38:19
  • Zarya = 03:35:16
  • Brig = 02:44:37
  • Pharah = 02:32:57

Tier 2/3

  • Dva = 08:07:45
  • Zen = 06:33:20
  • Winston = 06:27:46
  • Mercy = 06:11:50
  • Widow = 05:08:01
  • Tracer = 02:38:55
  • Genji = 02:31:06
  • Brig = 02:26:55
  • Rein = 02:11:29
  • Zarya = 02:04:59

Well that explains a lot. I knew that Dive was still prevalent in Incheon, but what I’d forgotten, no doubt because of the propaganda that was pushed about Finland being a GOATS team, is just how little GOATS was played.

I agree with you that she is very balanced …
and that’s her curse ! she is in the same boat like soldier.

I don’t know how many times i said this already… :slight_smile:
but i repeat it when it needed.

Moira and Soldier 76 both are very good balanced and both are NEVER meta.
Because they do not bring something special to the game.
Some heroes are OP or over tuned - so they are meta - Not S76 and Moira. They are " only " balanced.

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Healing through shields would just be weird inconsistency. Shields are one of the counterplays to ranged healing. She doesn’t need it. She shouldn’t have it. It was a bug.

Moira is the only healer without utility. Moira always in the shadows of mercy and ana.


It would be a positive uniqueness, which unlike negative uniqueness is healthy for the game (as long as it isn’t overpowered, but I don’t think that needs to be stated). And it was the one big thing she had over Ana in pro play. The little bit of utility, when added to the higher healing output and Ana’s Nanoboost buff, to have them both viable at the same time. It wasn’t a negative uniqueness for Ana either, which should be avoided, because it’s a flaw she shares with Brig and Lucio, and thus isn’t unique.

It was a direct but to ultimate charge and healing In the ultimate