BTW is Brigittes Armour buff meant to last even after Ult?

I want to bump this, because I was wondering it as well when I was tinkering around in training.

wait can’t you give people armour to people before the game starts

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’ll vanish when the cooldown is up.

This is in reference to her ult, which grants (correction from Geoff) UP TO a max of +150 AoE armor, and 300 total across the duration (and apparently last until damage is dealt).

She can give individual armor packs but I’m hearing they have a timer before they wear off.

Yes. Currently her ult gives 300 armor over its duration, but is capped at 150 total over their health.

This means if you use it out of combat to just generate armor for your team, you’re effectively only getting half of what its potential if you had it running during combat. Also the speed boost Brigitte gains is very useful for her to get important melee hits in and stunning key targets.

That said you don’t really want to pop it in the same way that Lucio or Zen use their ults. For those heroes, its often about using it in reaction to big incoming damage to save allies nearby. Brigitte’s is more proactive, as its often better to use it a little big ahead of a big fight so it has some time to stack up a little bit.


Thank you for your insight, Geoff!!!


that’s pretty cool !

Ah I see. I hear that.

My man <3 Thanks for clearing that up. People seem to be enjoying her, so props to you guys :slight_smile:

That is great design, the game needed something proactive like this ult. It feels more like powerful party buff rather than big “oh sh%t” button.

The only question I have is do you think her weapon range is right? I mean, it is only 5 meters, which is pretty low, but visually it looks and feels like it should be slightly longer, maybe 7 or 7.5 meters.
I don’t think that additional 2.5 meters would make her OP, but would definitely make her more comfortable. Her flail already can extend to 20 meters with Whiplash, so technically a buff for her main attack range could work.

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She’s really our Overwatch Paladin.

Giant protection buff before the team moves in, defense to keep herself alive. A little bit of dps to ensure she can contribute to the damage output of the team while healing all around without HAVING to specifically focus individuals down.

Really f’ing cool character so far. No limits in PTR is a silly matchup but everyone wants to try. I’m looking forward to seeing how she really rounds out a team.


Brigitte is ridiculously overpowered even without this, this just makes it laughable.

Oh great, here comes the “nerf new hero” threads before even testing the hero in anything


How? The only potentially OP thing about her is a stun that goes through barriers with a large hitbox, and even then her shield is laughably small so CC shouldn’t be an issue to get off on her.

They’ve nerfed almost every hero prior to them being fully launched, all far less OP than Brigitte.

Why does she even have Shield Bash when Reinhardt doesn’t? It has insane mobility, can stun through anything and doesn’t obey the current rules of the game.

She has AOE and single target healing that can also be armor, she has a better boop than Lucio, survivability that rivals tanks and her ultimate is top tier. Brigitte does way too many things well.

I wish we could get developer’s insight like this, of how hero is meant to be played according to the creators of the game, for each hero!

We never will. They want to let us explore the heroes and decide for ourselves how they are to be played. They don’t want their word to restrict players’ creativity, and rightly so.

I love Brigitte. I don’t like one tricks, but I swear, when she goes live, I may become one lol

As a Reaper main, I am sure I will be crying tears of happiness and joy.