Bronze PS4 Player looking For Teammates

Hello Fellow Heroes!

My username is BecomeBoundless on the PS4. I have no other accounts. I was originally ranked Silver when I started playing in competitive, but after a massive losing streak, I am now low bronze around 780 in all placements.

If you feel like matchmaking has done you dirty too many times. If you have been a tank and had healers tell you they won’t heal you because you don’t have enough kills, if you’ve been a damage who’s had Rheins drop their shield when you were about to have a juicy 4K, If you’ve been a Support desperately trying to get your teammates to group up by spamming the com wheel or the mic only to have your team feed the enemy team one by one and then blame you, then you might want me on your team.

Before Role Queue, I was a flex Tank and Support player. I always try to play with a headset and I feel I’m fairly decent at making calls like which enemy is low, what abilities an enemy has used, and who to focus or if I need help. I try to be cohesive with my fellow tank players and I’m competent on D.Va, Sigma, Orisa, Winston and Zarya. I’m weakest at Damage, and perhaps that’s due to me being a Sombra/Mei main and I think I lack the aggressiveness and awareness of most damage players, but I am always striving to improve. As a Support, I am a Mercy main who knows their Superjump and I’m pretty good at wallriding and booping as Lucio. If you want a Moira player who actually heals, I’m your guy.

In short, I’m just looking for friends in low bronze like me to play with who are looking to climb. I’d prefer it if you had a mic to speak and were not someone who is prone to toxicity. If you seek self improvement in the game and have a positive mental attitude and a headset, please add me to your friends list.