Bronze is Hotel California - You check in and can never leave


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Sorry brother, you can’t solo out of the bronze unless you shouldn’t have been in bronze, silver, gold in the first place.


If you are just generically gold rank anything (support main tank w/e). You can pretty much take any character and play it out of bronze.

This is the hard truth that many bronze players just cant accept. The reason you are stuck in bronze is because you play like a bronze player.

If you even played like a silver player over 20 games or so you get right out of bronze. No one is stuck there.


Look, I’ve seen a ton of these ‘two pack’ groups more than once a night. One game they are genji/tracer etc. destroying a team, another game they are w.e. and just losing. Certain toons like Widow, Genji are tough to deal with at the lower levels. I admit that. You watch the kill cams, you see how they play, when genji kills the entire team in one over and over go that’s not a bronze or gold player in bronze.
There’s too much of this to get any win streak going to move the needle up. Since I think these guys stay out of gold and silver, I hadn’t run into this scenario before now.


If you are in bronze it is because you are a bronze player, no excuses. You have to learn from your mistakes and improve as a player to get out - it is definitely not inescapable. I myself began in bronze as a person completely new to PC and aiming with a mouse, however this only lasted a season and I have climbed one full league every season, reaching diamond last season (and hopefully masters this one)!

As far as strategies to get out:

  1. practice aim - training room, custom “aim practice” games etc.
  2. use a character like reaper or pharah (which are rarely countered properly up until low plat).
  3. duo/trio with someone (a friend who you know is decent at OW, look on lfg, etc.)


Play literally any dps or roadhog and flank. Flanks aren’t actually actively patrolled until master so I can’t imagine this wouldn’t get you to anything less than gold or plat.

I’ve done bronze to master a few times and I can win games down there as any hero. I’ve done pistol only mercy, dps only Ana, flank zen, etc and I never play support. Dps/Zarya only on my main. I bet dva or Winston and just hard commit on their supports would get you pretty far too.


Focus on the things you can control.

Trust me, if you show us a VOD, we can point out a bunch of things you can do better. It doesn’t guarantee a win even if you do all that, but it’d certainly improve your odds.

also… people who don’t belong in bronze should be on their way out of bronze rather quickly. If you want a system that would help get rid of them faster, it would be a system where you can vote a player to get additional SR gains (this is what smurf players do not want ) and sort of like what a high performing individual at your level is quite happy to receive (often mistaken for a smurf)


You are? 20 chars…


Am I ?..


Ahhh. This is the bronze account you slum it in and you’re a godlike GM on your main? Gotcha.


Also, just wanted to correct a little something regarding Hotel California…

You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave!”


your words not mine.


I’m always open to constructive criticism. So here you go:
First game after this post. 2:35 is the first leaver on my team. Pretty much sums up points 1 & 2. Here I chose mercy because we needed heals.
And on top of this it was like a 24 SR loss, and it will probably take 2 games to make this back.
Basically this just proves my point to the T - There’s NO way that you ‘solo’ out of bronze or ‘play your best’ to get out of this nightmare.


Dude I only watched like 2 minutes of it and I can already tell you deserve bronze.

  1. What. The. **** is that crosshair? Change it, seriously.

  2. GA and rez on 1 and 3? Please make sure your GA keybind is set somewhere below and to the left of WASD. It’s so you can hit it mid fight with your pinky and not have to take any fingers off the movement keys.

  3. The rest of the gameplay just proves you are bronze. You let teammates die to go heal people on full HP, you died yourself because you stood in the open like an idiot, and you couldn’t even connect your beam to the right person during a fight. You just generally look like you are not comfortable moving in 3D space.

You don’t just get out of a rank by playing, you have to actually improve to rank up. You do not deserve the next rank currently, so you will not rank up. Leavers have nothing to do with this.


This looks exactly like a game in silver, the only difference is everyone on the team is bronze rank. I climbed out of silver by saying “Know what? the team can take care of themselves.” went nothing but junkrat, and ended up in gold (Im a support main).


Being bad at a videogame is nothing to be ashamed of or to have to make excuses for. If someone looks down on you for being bad at a videogame, you can rest easy knowing they’re being ridiculous.


Bronze is not impossible to climb out of, I managed to do it and I’m terrible at this game. Just keep at it man!


Hi topic creator; I play mercy.
You are pretty bad, your position as mercy and target priority was bad. YOu died for healing a thrower/feeder.
Climb as healer it is the hardest way and mainly mercy. Go 50/50 i meant dps more as mercy and identify your team. the good ones and the bad ones, identify enemy bad ones and good ones.
Ana might be easier for climbing.

IDk but if that hanzo were smurf he would have killed your pharah feeding at the beginning. he might be silver or gold hanzo.

Mercy requieres a lot skill to dps and healing in low level for climbing. IF you are GM mercy and you see your team is bronze and doing nothing and just dying i would help with my broken dps as mercy… so you at the rank you deserve…


One thing I noticed is that you don’t juggle your beams enough. Always heal when someone has taken any damage. Any health lost puts people in a disadvantage. Also later in the round you flew into a dragon trying to Rez the Zarya. Sometimes it’s better to just wait for them to respawn then to go for the rez. It’s unfortunate you got a leaver but if you improve your Mercy play you can get out of Bronze


Appreciate the constructive notes. I didn’t even notice the cross hair, changed it.
I updated my keybindings, will prob. take a few games to get used to them. I did make some bad healing decisions and is one of my weaker points on mercy, if someone is way out of position I shouldn’t try to hero heal them. Plus, I’m not a mercy ‘main’ or player, but was making the point that I was filing in a role that the team needed and thought I could combo better with Phara. W.o phara I would have probably taken Lucio.