Bronze 5, unable to rank up

For some reason i’ve been placed bronze 5. I thought “okey, new system might be harder than i thought…”. then i play 8 games, won 7 of them, and still get bronze 5.
I would appreciate is Blizzard would fix this asap, or game competitive playerbase will just die out… As my friends climb i will soon not be able to play with them, then there will be no reason for me play this game, AGAIN.
This is really demotivating.

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Dude its the same rank system just hidden. Bronze 5 has the biggest range in the game from 1-1499sr compared to every other rank which is only 100. E.g bronze 4-3 is 100 sr or roughly 4 or 5 wins. So u might of been 200sr and winning the 7 games got you to 800 sr cuz playing the first 20 games give boosted stats where you can loose a 100 sr or gain 100 sr per gain. Blizzards fault for not making this clear. They should make bronze 10 cuz thats what some people are atm.