Bronze 5 ranking still VERY broken

I have won at least 4 - 5 lots of 7 wins in competitive after starting OW2. My win rate is around 50-60%, and even after the bugfix today for Bronze 5, I am still stuck in Bronze 5. This is incredibly frustrating mostly because I want a good measure of where I’m at, and the ability pool for Bronze 5 is currently far too big. Most losses I have had are due to being matched with new/newer players against others who are stuck in Bronze 5, and this is incredibly frustrating especially since I main Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball is increasingly hard, 'cause the already difficult character is now heavily reliant upon their team to have some idea on how to play with/around them, and for each member to be able to pull their weight. PLEASE fix this, I can’t really describe quite how frustrating it is.


Me too…

It’s really terrible, my friends don’t suffer from this bug and I can’t even play with them anymore because of this. They are in gold, until silver there was no “problem” because I could play with them, but when they reach gold and ofc I´m stuck in bronze V, we can no longer. We are experienced people and it is really frustrating…

It´s a shame the state of the current game in this aspect and the worst, that they say that it is solved when it is NOT true.

His mmr is trash and his rank system is only based on wins or losses. I’m a main support with an average of 15/20 k of heal in each game and it doesn’t have any influence. In the current blizzard, only the name remains, the professionalism and the well-kept product have been lost.

But hey, the store with abusive prices on skins from 5 years ago works perfectly.

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Its quite frustrating to know that his mmr is awful and only win-loss, I frequently get 10k+ damage, most elims and assists, and insane amounts of mitigation (usually around 6-7k) per game. And that doesn’t matter, and that honestly makes me a bit irate

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same to me… i won 7 games 2 times and i am still bronze 5 cant climb… I don’t understand why I would play a game where I can’t progress ,this is the most frustrating …


I have the same problem.

Same here. I thought the bug was fixed so I played through 8 more games, won 7, and still got bronze 5 for the 4th time. I’m gonna wait for another patch, but if it happens again after my next 7 wins I’ll probably stop playing.

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Confirmed still broken I hit bronze 3, three times in a row today no jokes. Positive win rate, good stats I played with friends and they all went directly to silver and gold after the fixed while I stayed Bronze 3 no joke 3 times in a row. Sooooo tilting.