Bronze 5 Bug, Wrong division + cant rank up

I’ve got the Bronze 5 bug, although I’ve read that it should have been fixed a few days ago. I played 10 ranked matches, (7 wins, 3 looses) and I’ve become Bronze 5. 70% Winrate = Bronze cant be correct. Besides that, I played more ranked games (7 Wins) and I’ve got the message “You ranked up to… Bronze 5!”

  1. I’m in the wrong division from the beginning
  2. I’m Stuck in Bronze 5 via BUG and cant rank up

I asked the Support Team for Help but I dont get an answer for days! Nor can I contact the Support via Chat, Mail or Call

After the patch the same thing happens to me and I can’t get out of bronze 5, this error is frustrating

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Blizzard doesnt respont to my problem, no matter where I post it or where I contact them.