Broken servers?

I really adore this game, but my patience with the toxicity, the server crashes that causes me to lose SR and get suspensions is ridiculous. I’m quite casual when it comes to this game, even though I started playing really hardcore when it was released, I wanted to be one of those top 500 players, I was going to give up WoW for this game, and be that professional player, but end the end between bad team mates, my own issues with social anxiety and depression. I gave up

I’ve watched this game have its ups and downs, and still want to play it and be able to enjoy myself, but I’ve found anymore its nearly impossible. How can I fix it so I enjoy the game, not let the toxicity bother me? Literally just played a game, where 3 members from each side left, it was an even 3v3. Then people started coming and going on both sides, pretty soon the other team had 5 and we were still left with our 3, already being frustrated with the fact that none of our teammates came back, but they had 2 that came back and proceeded to gloat about how they steamrolled us? I’m sure they were just kids, but coupling that with sever issues? How do you not start resenting the game and the people that play it? How do you still enjoy the game and just roll with it? Not play at all? I don’t want to do that, depression causes me to give up on too much as it is, and I’m desperately trying to fall back in love with a game that captured my heart at Blizzcon 2014.

I guess I’m more complaining out of frustration, I’m sure this will probably get deleted, but I just wanted to share an issue than transpired mostly and vent my own frustrations. Thanks for your time in reading this, and I hope no one takes this wrong. Again, just my frustrations, not sure how to handle losing a game I held in my heart and almost gave up WoW for, because I love Warcraft and I loved this game just as much, But I truly detest the people that can’t just be good sports or opponents and have to be a toxic mosh pit.


I was in game when the game crashed (again), and i waited like 1 hour and a half bcoz i didnt want to lose points, but surprise! i lost 50, i wanted to get in gold div, now i dont even care, will blizard return our points?

Im not sure what they will do to fix this, nor do I think they will return the points, I don’t care about the points the way I care about the amount of toxicity that is displayed due to a game server error.

are you on console? because I play at least 4-6 hours a day on PC and never had the servers crash on me.

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No strictly PC, Ill get about 2 games worth sometimes 3, Ill crash and when I come back I have a suspension. It happens in comp and QP.

that’s not the server’s crashing, you’re not getting a good enough connection. I know this because I had the same problem back when I first started playing. I moved and suddenly it stopped.

Chances are it’s not the server crashing, it’s a dropped connection. If you’ve got flaky DSL, weak wifi, or any other network problem, it can, and will, cause this for sure.


I checked with Blizzard CS today, there was a network node that dropped the ball causing the brief incident. Unfortunately that was outside of Blizzard’s control in that circumstance and it quickly corrected itself. Since it sounds like this has not been ongoing there is nothing that needs to be investigated further.

This is why the penalty system for Competitive always starts small with only a 50 SR deduction and a 10 minute suspension, which is easily recoverable in future games. Learn more here:

That’s awesome news, I just moved, granted still same ISP but Im hoping that we will have similar outcomes. Thanks for your feedback and Im crossing my fingers!

For anyone with a DSL connection that drops, look into getting a Tii pots whole house dsl splitter. It splits your DSL off as early as possible, eliminates as much noise as possible and also eliminates the need for per-phone DSL filters.

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