Broken SA servers again

In SA servers we are having over 250 ping every match since yesterday, its day 2 of this issue happening again, it already happend before, in one season they took a whole month before fixing it, already happened on season 9 when it launched and took a whole week, game is unplayable right now for us and we seem to be forgotten since they took way to much time to fix it previously, FIX YOUR GAME, people spent money on it just for not being able to play because SA servers wont work, and if its not high ping then the server crashes and restart on another map for all players in match, fix the game!


same here, last 2 days i have 8 / 10 matches on EU server ord1 instead of BR server gbr1

they should let us choice the region, if a server its not working, then we can wait till its fixed, instead of having bad matches with high latency and worse, get a penalty if we leave the match

same here, this is happening with certain frequency now, servers are garbage.

That is my usual server and is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA—not the the EU. Maybe the IP was registered in the EU and that’s why you think it’s an EU server, but ORD is the airport code for Chicago O’Hare International.

Make sure you gather connection tests and open tickets to alert Blizzard of the problem. Players in the forum won’t be able to look into server lag issues.

no, you are right, its the USA server i misstyped the server region, in spanish we type EEUU to refer USA, my bad.

Ah, Estados Unidos, gotcha. Didn’t think about it in Spanish because I only speak a little :smiley:

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Servers are not exactly garbage, but they could be. This problem is derived from their bad implementation that gives bad experience.

Here is an explanation on why this happens

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What annoys me about the servers these days is that it’s not the players’ fault but the servers’ fault and they reprimand us.
4 hours suspended because it didn’t let me enter the game

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