Bro this cant b real rank bug

i played my placements 7 wins 4 loses placed bronze 5. ok i thought kinda weird but maybe im just bad whatever. now i played 3 times once 7/1 once 7/2 and opnce7/4 and every single time i got placed back into bronze this has to b some kind of joke im malding and uninstalling this abomination of a game bye.

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It’s a soft reset and the game adjust your skill level put you back in the rank you actually belong in. Were you still Bronze 5, or did you go to B4 then B3 then B2? Sounds like you are ranking up if that is the case. It will just take time.

nope i got bronze 5 every time after every 7 wins bronze 5

Then welcome to your new rank, sorry dude, need to accept the placement and work on the gameplay I guess.

i just checked, i have a 65% Winrate in 40+ matches still dont get any upranks cool cool cool. games leaving my poc today going back to valorant

No that’s wrong he shouldn’t stay bronze 5 after winning 7 games 3 different times with good ratios. It’s 100% a bug.

This guy is just plain wrong, it is a known rank bug a d he is just being a toxic pest.