Bring back the pink mercy skin ❤️

I have to dissagree with you on that one. I believe most people want the skin back because they actually like it. There’s no Mercy skin in the game that are quite similar to it at a high enough degree. There’s for example a recolor for the Witch Mercy but non for the Pink Mercy. There’s also no other Pink skin quite similar to it, only perhaps an OWL team skin that’s a recolor of the original OW1 Mercy standard skin.


I want the skin because I love it and I would mainly use it as my skin. This collab is very suiting for Mercy since she’s a doctor herself and part of her kit is to save people. Also the skin both looks and sound fantastic so there’s multiple reasons to why I love the skin.
I do have the limited time only Raynhardt Blizzcon 2021 skin and I almost use every single time I play Rein because that’s how much I love it. I wished the Pink Mercy skin would come back on a yearly basis similar to how holiday skins came back every year in for a period in OW1. That way people that has missed out on the skin has a chance in the future to get it.
There’s almost no limited time skins left in the game since the end of OW1 and beginning of OW2 when almost all limited time skins has come back to the game multiple times by now so I don’t understand why the Pink Mercy haven’t been available again. It seems as if BRCF still want to collab but it’s Blizzard that have no plans to bring back the skin.


If something is advertised as limited, it should stay true to the advertising. Really not that hard to understand.

Just make a new skin instead so even the people who purchased pink mercy before would be able to participate in the new charity event.

Overwatch was advertised asa game with free updates and with heroes that we should be able to play when they released, guess what changed?
Now when its for an actual benefical cause that will raise money all you guys think of its “BuT iT wIlL nO lOnGeR bE SpEcIaL iF eVErYoNe HaS iT :pleading_face:


Yeah I agree with you. It’s multiple great reasons to why the skin should come back to the game. The skin idea is very suiting for Mercy since she’s a doctor who saves people, the skin is fantasticly made and it will raise money for something good.


Ya bit i said most not all exclusive skins are sought after more so for the rarety theb the look its always been that way do i want it to come back for the people who will use it yes but its not likely to happen i personly think her mythic skins will have a way to make it look like pink mercy bUt without it being pink

I believe their statement back before ow1 released was maps and heroes would be free.

Nothing. You still can access heroes and maps completely free of charge.

Most of the skins that were advertised as “limited” has come back to the game at multiple occasions now in OW2 and also in the end of OW1. Now when Blizzard has decided to re-release skins again I think it’s a little unfair to only do it on most skins instead of all of them. Even though Blizzard has stated that all of those skins (including the Pink Mercy) are for a limited time, Blizzard haven’t said that they wouldn’t “ever” return. Blizzard said the same thing about Pink Mercy like they for instance did with the OWL skins in the beginning which is that they had no plans of them comming back but years later the devs said that they have been in talk about probably re-releasing the skins for people missed out on them and eventually they did.
I think either skins should not get re-released or if they do, all of them should. I think
It’s also extra unfortunate that it’s the charity skin out of all skins that hasn’t been re-released.


I hope we get a Mythic Mercy in the future. I’m really excited to see what Blizzard would make for her.


The “limited” availability is defined by Blizzard

it would remain “limited” if it were sold every October (BC Awareness Month) for example

I have long been in favor of more charity skins

That said, there are two issues with the statement quoted above

First, the new skin doesnt exist. It would require Blizzard shifting dev resources from the incomplete and unstable pay to win game being called OW2, and I dont think they will be willing to do so at this time

Second, if a new skin were to be be created, I know of no good reason not to offer BOTH instead of just the new skin, as this would result in a much bigger sack of cash for charity than if only the new skin were sold


I know of no valid data that supports this claim

if you can point us at it, please do so, but otherwise this is in essence an unsupported guess

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Blizzard has changed their statements throughout the development of OW2. When Jeff Kaplan was on the team in the early development of OW2, he told that OW1 and OW2 would have different servers and if I remember it right he also said that heroes wouldn’t be locked from people. Players who already owned OW1 would also get the OW2 PVP update for free. OW2 were not originally ment to be a F2P game, it was supposed to be an update to the PVP but PVE were they main change to the game.

In OW2 heroes are free of charge after 2 weeks has gone meaning that players who has bought the BP has had more time of playing the new hero and get used it. Also, you earn much less xp if you don’t own the premium BP meaning that it will take longer for you to earn enough levels to be able to unlock the heroes. A lot of players don’t have the time or lust to play the game all the time or enough time time to unlock new heroes within a 2 week spann meaning that they could have disadvantage playing matches if the new heros are incredibly good. I’m not only talking about ranked but also people who play other modes like unranked.
Now having new heroes who are OP doesn’t guarantee that you will have a higher winrate since you perhaps play games in a role were this new hero are not in. This means that your wins and losses could be caused by your teammates not owning the new hero.
Balancing new heroes at the beginning that the devs don’t has as much experience in like older ones, it’s possible that some new future heroes could be really good for a while until they have managed to nerf them enough were they feel more balanced. Sometimes heroes can have higher winrate at certain ranks and sometimes they can have high winrate across multiple or all ranks.
If you have the ability to make the game more fair for free without having any risks of grind 2 win or P2W now or in the future I think that’s the safest and best way to go. As someone who buys the BP (and probably some other people could agree with me), I don’t think heroes belong in the BP. People mainly buy the BP for the cosmetics I would believe so I don’t think Blizzard would lose anything from removing heroes from it.


why is gold and diamonds so valuable and sought after they are rare that’s what makes them wanted first and for most its been a thing for years

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as a clarification, the information above is not valid data that supports the claim that was made

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They specify in ads which will return and which won’t. Probably legal reasons why they have to surround false advertising, but I’m not a lawyer so I’m not going to pretend I understand the full ramifications of breaking an advertised promise.

But, just as an example, the sombra demon hunter skin specifically stated “The in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019—further details will be announced at a later date.”

It’s a limited-time special for the BlizzCon ticket that sombra comes with.

The difference between that and pink mercy, is that they specified a very specific time window in an advertisement for pink mercy and they didn’t for the sombra skin, “Available now for a limited time, 05/08 - 05/21”

And they defined it in their advertisement, 2018 05/08 to 05/21. If they did not define it in an advertisement, they could bring it back, as they have done for a couple of skins. But when you set a specific date its way riskier to re-sell the skin later. But it also acts as an actual guarantee to buyers that the thing is actually exclusive or limited.

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Blizzard can re-define the limit period if they wish to do so

as long as it is not available 24-7-365, it is limited

I have long been in favor of it being made available every October, given that October is BC Awareness Month


didn’t sombra have a skin rerelease like pink mercy with it being exclusive and people freak out and they apologized for it.


yes, yes they did

i didnt know i had to type 20 characters


ya it was Demon Hunter from BlizzCon 2018 and 2019 Halloween Terror and people where not happy about it wat so ever like it was crazy

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They did re-release it, but the skin had a disclaimer on the advertisement and in the fine print of the purchase window that it would return later. I don’t believe they apologised for it.

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