Bring back the pink mercy skin ❤️

I’d actually prefer to have a newly designed pink mercy skin than have the old recycled one.

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Mercy players begging for this skin any chance they get under the guise of doing good.

lmao you don’t deserve it.


Massive companies like this would have updated it ages ago if they cut ties like that. I think it’s more just a manual copy paste than a script though.

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due to the controversy, i doubt the organization would team back up with blizzard tbh

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There were other messages from BCRF that were not, as you put it, “automated”

yes, “begging” in the context of how it was used in the post I replied to was an attack on other forum members

such attacks are against the spirit and rules of this forum

I am all in on any new charity skins

however, Blizzard would have to divert dev resources from work on the main game, which is unstable and incomplete at this time, and as such I dont see such forthcoming in the near future

however, even if they did divert the resources to create this second skin, I know of no good reason not to offer both this new skin and the original one, as offering two skins would certainly bring in a bigger bag of cash for charity than offering only one of them

as discussed above…theres been no begging, and this is an attacking word that need not be used here

as mentioned in a few posts today in this thread, BCRF has already stated in writing that they would love for this offer to return

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plans can and do change, as we have seen many times in Overwatch in particular

As of now it’s not coming back period.

It’s weird, I was just looking for the skin on Overwatch 2. I get its a locked skin, but my issue which is why I came to this forum. Is to ask why it’s not evening showing up as a skin option? I don’t even see a locked version? Does anyone have this on OW2? A Unlocked Pink Mercy, best I could manage was Honzou Spark Mercy.

Which before you ask, I only have two locked skins Seolbim and Mage.

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Seriously, why are there multiple (translation: way too many) threads on this subject? Shouldn’t any new ones be deleted by the mods?


the actual quote does not say what is claimed here

Chances, are they want something that is no longer viable at this moment. I mean not hard to fathom it possibility of returning. I mean, realistically we were told years ago wed never have to pay for cosmetics and now passes for these things.


Actual quote says what it says we have no plans therefore as far as you or anyone knows until stated in writing it is not coming back. Therefore anything else is just baseless speculation that has no legitimate grounds and thus I will terminate this side conversation if you have nothing valuable to contribute

this one just had to land during the one stretch of time i couldn’t afford it…we need more crossover skins in general

For real if it wasn’t an exclusive skin I guaranty most people saying they want it won’t even use it they just want it because they don’t have it

actually, people have a large variety of reasons for wanting the skin

despite the claim made above, even people that do already have it want to buy it again as well, and have stated so in these forums


Thanks for the support guys…

:sob: :heart:


Thank you sir : ) Btw I made a post too on
(Pink Mercy waiting room - #34 by Hawnu-2579)

Perhaps if multiple of us makes popular post, they finally bring the skin back lol. I love the Pink Mercy skin too and it’s my favorite one.


I’m also here for the support. I’ve been waiting for years for the Pink Mercy to come back. Hopefully the bring he back soon.


No the threads shouldn’t be deleted. For the moment they have said that they have no plans to reintroduce the Pink Mercy skin. A lot of people want the skin back and if Blizzard sees it they may reconsider and make more collabs with BCRF so the skin comes back again for people who missed out on it.