Bring back the pink mercy skin ❤️

actually, no - the statement I am referring to came after that

The above does not serve as evidence to support the claim that was made

also, I ask that personal attacks cease

I gave proof i literally cited exact title to be found that response was jumped over so i dunno

Do you have the second statement linked above? Because I’ve only ever seen one statement and it came about 6 months before the first lawsuit details emerged.

If you have it linked just say so and I’ll find it in this post, if not then please link it in your response.

Edit: so my takeaway is that there is no second response, and that proponents of Pink Mercy returning are so delusional to the reality of the situation revolving around Blizz’s cooperations with other companies that they’ve gaslit themselves into thinking there’s still a chance, and resort to making claims that can’t be backed up in easiest way possible.

If not, then change my mind with the second response post dating the lawsuit coverage. That’s the only way to come out on top in this discussion, it’s literally that easy.

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Thats when it was written that they would rerelease it they have retracted that statement along with many other companies upon the lawsuit i believe its why its hard for them to get partnerships now


I have already clarified this: that the statement claimed of the community manager is not what he actually said

I encourage you one last time to find the statement and read what was actually said

Having now fully clarified that, I wont be discussing this particular item further in side chat

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Then please produce a link to the BRCF’s response post dating the lawsuit info, because to my knowledge you haven’t clarified this yet.

There is a response that’s from within about 6 months prior to the lawsuit details, what I’m looking for is proof of a response after the lawsuit details.

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DW, I’m sure the 92387439th post about it is the one they’ll finally listen to.

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I wrote to BCRF just a mere couple days ago, and they said the same thing as then. I can provide you with proof but for some reason I am unable to post the link to it.

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You can blockquote the link using the icon in the toolbar that looks like this:


But I am very interested in seeing what was written post 2021.


This was merely a week ago.


I sent a similar message to BCRF, I’m curious if I get this message as well. Because it’s nearly identical to the one predating the scandal.

Edit: got the exact same response.

It’s fair to assume that this is what they stand by, but I would also assume that it’s just a script that hasn’t been updated.

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I’m not sure we can go a single day without people begging for this skin on the forums man, give it a rest, please

I think BCRF might not even be interested in working with Blizzard anymore. Blizzard hasn’t been very positive lately when it comes to women.

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So are we mass flagging this or nah?

Theres been no begging I have seen in any Pink Mercy thread

what I have seen quite a bit of, hoever, is some forum members using attacking words like “begging” to attack other forum members for simply wishing to purchase a legitimate item

actually, BCRF has expressed the desire to have this offer returned multiple times

including today, if you read a few posts back

Na trash skin and trash event for trash game

Through an automated message. I’d rather have word from a living being and the last one we got was a blizz dev saying there are no plans to bring it back.

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“attacking words” :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: