Bring back the pink mercy skin ❤️

I am involved in every (or almost every) Pink Mercy skin, and as I have said, no one has provided any proof that BCRF has any control over this issue

that said, tho, BCRF has stated in writing that they would love to see this offer return, so even if they do have some measure of control in this matter, they’ve already declared they are good to go

the skin will come back when and if Blizzard decides it will come back, no matter how many forum members declare that it can never happen

Overwatch Community Manager Andy B has already confirmed numerous times that pink mercy and pink mercy icon will not be returning. Id personally love the skin but many blizzard devs have stated BCRF is unwilling to bring it back at the moment. If people here want the skin bad enough im sure they could find someone that has it


actually, no, thats not what was stated

I recommend re-reading those statements

skins cant be traded by any means I am aware of

further, the selling of accounts is not permitted. Someone might purchase such an account for a large sum of money and then see that account banned shortly thereafter by Blizzard for violating this rule

That’s like saying that the only steps being taken to assist cancer patients is the introduction of World Cancer Day.

Celebrating world cancer day is not about trying to cure cancer… it’s about commemorating those who have fought and died from cancer, and celebrating their lives and the lives of those who are working to treat it.

It doesn’t mean we stop cancer research or forget those who have died every other day of the year.

This is an incredibly shallow perspective on something so simple as a “National X Day”.


Hulk also believes in cloud gaming even though the tech and internet speeds just aren’t viable to the rest of the world. With Google even failing to get into the market with it’s resources.

Then there’s the whole digital ownership and other nitty details but I’m not gonna go into that.

Ikr it’s like these people treat Pink Mercy like the perfect ex-partner, wishing they’ll come back.

All while BCRF has moved onto Street Fighter and other colabs since…

That’s the word I was looking for. Thank you so much.

you can’t and won’t ever get pink mercy and jockying on a day of awareness for a terminal disease won’t change that

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I doubt you give a f about WCD. Unveil your true self!

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in most games the company’s make a deal to do a collab and that deal is like a license agreement where they can sell the skin. but once that agreement is over they can no longer do it

ff14 (the mmo) had this happen, where they had this cross over with some game for transmog items but now you can no longer obtain those items (while every other event item is on the online shop) because they no longer have the rights to sell them.

so anyone that wasnt playing during that event will NEVER get those transmog items in ff14.

i imagine the same is true about pink mercy.

its just a matter of if a deal can be made between the two companies.

BCRF might say they’d like her to come back but they might be asking for alot from blizzard or something. (or blizzard simply doesnt want to do it again)

we wont know unless it happens.

but begging them for the skin isnt going to change anything. because they are already aware that people want it, saying it over and over is just childish.

Blizzard is literally having to pay off a lawsuit because of its women harassment environment. No womens organization is going to partner with them anytime soon i dont believe

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Considering the nerfs, yes. It’s the bare minimum now.

Nerfs this, nerfs that… Mercy mains are so delusional. None of you have even tested the new Mercy yet everyone claims she’s instantly dead and unusable. Interesting how one of my friends who plays almost exclusively Mercy is actually positive about the changes (Diamond 1 before anyone asks for rank) and thinks that despite not addressing the real issues at hand, it is a good start.

I’ve been waiting for someone, anyone, to present evidence that this is true in this case

hasnt happened yet


but again, no one has presented proof of what the situation actually is

BCRF has already stated in writing that they want the offer to return

I am not aware of any “begging” or “childishness” among the folks who’ve been asking for the return of his skin

what I have heard a lot of is folks using attacking words like “begging” and “childish” to attack other forums members for simply expressing the desire to legitimately purchase a legitimate item

well, BCRF has already stated in writing that they’d love for the offer to return

I am not sure what else to tell you

I think the last time BCRF made any public comment about it was just before the Blizzard office scandal/lawsuits went public and 98% of other corporate/company collaborators publicly disavowed and dropped support for Blizzard then and in the foreseeable future.

And so seeing as “Pink” is technically a trademark of that organization, I think you and your posse need to accept the reality that there’s a very solid (I’d bet a months wages on it) chance “Pink Mercy” is never going to see another circulation in the near future as it requires both parties to reach a mutual agreement.

@hulk-23345 this is actually pretty important to recognize and to refute, your decision not to leads me to believe you refuse to accept the reality of the situation you’re asking for.

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Im tellinf you that per andy its not coming back it was stated in a blizzars forum and per the 18M dollar settlement approved by EEOC its very unlikely to return bc what womens foundation wants to be involved w a company proven of womens harassment and theres more sueing blizzard now too it would be a horrible business move


Court Approves EEOC’s $18 Million Settlement with Activision Blizzard
Government written article on Blizzard Harrasment suits

Overwatch Anniversary Remix event won’t bring back Pink Mercy and players are furious
LINK ATTACHED TO ARTICLE - where Andy confirms it wont be back

You can find the pages through those searches as it wont let me link

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thats not actually what Andy said

I recommend you review the statement in question

as I have already stated, the BCRF has stated in writing that they’d love for the offer to return

Chronologically this happened right before the lawsuit and lawsuit details went public, and other major companies publicly disavowed and cut ties with Blizzard.

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your expecting people to PROVE something about contracts that are behind closed doors. you and i both know thats not possible, but there actions tell us something else and if thats not enough for you then your just a fool.

because best anyone can do is show what happens in another game. and i did that with ff14

in ff14, all crossover transmogs are still in game expect ONE and the playerbase were told the contract ended.

this is good enough evidence imo of how this stuff works across ALL games not just that one.

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